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Blueberries: Delicious, low in calories and healthy | > – Guide – Cooking

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Blueberries: Delicious, low in calories and healthy |  > – Guide – Cooking

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Blueberries, blueberries or buckberries: There are several names for the delicious and healthy summer fruits. Now they are in season again. Recipes and tips on buying and storing.

The plants belong to the heather family, in nature they grow on low shrubs on loose, acidic soil, like in sparse coniferous forests. Since they spread quickly on suitable soil, they are not protected and the fruits can be harvested.

Forest and cultivated blueberries: differences in the pulp

Wild blueberries belong to the heather family and grow, among other things, on the edges of clearings.

In addition to wild-growing forest blueberries, mainly cultivated blueberries, which differ from the wild fruits, are available on markets. The cultivated plants grow about two meters in height and produce significantly larger berries. Although they look similar, only the wild varieties are colored blue. Anthocyanins, plant pigments that produce the blue color, also stain the tongue and teeth when eaten. In the case of cultivars that originally come from America, there is greenish-yellow flesh under the skin. It contains fewer seeds than wild varieties.

Picking and buying blueberries: recognizing freshness

When picking, you should carefully strip the pressure-sensitive berries from the branches and store them in flat containers if possible. Store-bought blueberries should look plump and have a slightly furry coating. If the fruits are shiny, very dark or already show signs of wilting, they are no longer fresh.

Store and freeze blueberries

In plantations, the plants need several years before they bear fruit.

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Blueberries can be kept in the refrigerator for several days. Before that, you should pat them dry thoroughly and sort out muddy specimens. They also freeze well and can be bought frozen all year round. It is best not to wash them beforehand, just sort them by hand and then put them in a freezer bag or box.

Wash wild blueberries before eating

The season for the sweet and sour fruit begins at the end of June and lasts until September. Anyone who collects blueberries in the forest should wash the fruit thoroughly before eating it. Again and again there are reports that fox tapeworm eggs could stick to the berries. In science, however, this thesis is considered outdated. If the fruit is boiled and eaten as jam or compote, there is basically no risk.

Recipes: Cook and bake with blueberries

The small fruits are a delicious and healthy ingredient for mueslis, quarks and desserts and can also be processed very well into jam. Muffins and pancakes with blueberries are also very popular. But blueberries also taste great with hearty dishes, such as game dishes or as an ingredient in a summer salad. Combined with goat cheese or another strong cheese, they provide a fruity note as a tarte flambée topping or in a quiche. Some recipe ideas to try at home:

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Blueberries refine the Italian rice dish. Fried chicken breast fillets and mushrooms are the companions. Recipe

A summery salad that tastes good both as a side dish and as a main course. Any lettuce is suitable. Recipe

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Rainer Sass serves the tender raw beef with lightly crushed blueberries instead of pine nuts. Recipe

Franzi Schweiger prepares the delicious sweet bread with buttermilk. They are also suitable for the outdoor kitchen. Recipe

A decorative vitamin bomb is the salad made from different types of melon, blueberries and fresh North Sea shrimp. Recipe

Blueberries: Low in calories, healthy ingredients

Blueberries contain just 45 kilocalories per 100 grams – but a lot of vitamin C, potassium and zinc, folic acid and iron as well as tannins and plant dyes (polyphenols).

polyphenols are phytochemicals that renew cells and fight inflammation and strengthen the immune system. However, it has not yet been proven whether blueberries can also prevent cancer. The blue dyes (Anthocyane) in blueberries can fight inflammation. The Dye Delphinidin inhibits an intestinal enzyme that is responsible for the development of inflammation.

Blueberries lower blood pressure

The berries also lower blood pressure, as a study shows: For weeks, the study participants were given 200 grams of blueberry juice daily. Just a few hours after taking the blueberry juice, my blood pressure dropped. However, the effect only lasted for a short time because the juice is quickly broken down in the body. The antihypertensive effect is apparently based on the fact that the polyphenols keep the blood vessels flexible.

Further information

Delicious, healthy and easy to care for: blueberries need acidic soil to thrive. This is how cultivation works. more

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