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Body aches: Nasty body aches after alcohol – this will help you now

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Body aches: Nasty body aches after alcohol – this will help you now

One thing in advance: Too much alcohol damages the body – in the short and long term. Anyone who wakes up with a hangover expects a headache or dizziness – very few people expect body aches.

And yet, after excessive alcohol consumption, joints and limbs can ache.

Aching limbs the morning after

Body pain is usually felt in the arms or legs. The extremities feel heavy, almost like sore muscles after an intense workout. Curiously, even after drinking alcohol, your muscles can actually hurt.

This is why alcohol triggers pain in your body

If the muscle pain disappears during the day, there is nothing to worry about. Alcohol deprives the body of nutrients such as magnesium and sodium. If these nutrients are missing, muscles can become over-acidic, which leads to pain.

Lack of water also causes body aches. It is therefore important to bring the water and nutrient balance back into balance and not to poison the muscles again with alcohol. Then the heavy feeling in your arms and legs disappears.

Be careful if the pain becomes chronic

If the pain persists and even becomes chronic, then you should pay attention urgently. After frequent consumption of alcohol, the body can no longer completely break down toxins. This also means that the muscles can become damaged and shrink.

If the muscle pain persists, then experts also speak of alcoholic muscle disease. This can develop over a longer period of time and become noticeable through muscle weakness. However, sudden pain can also occur due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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In both types of pain, not only the muscles but also the nerves are affected. Anyone who consistently drinks a lot of alcohol not only risks weak and aching muscles, but also chronic nerve diseases.

Caution is also advised for anyone who has been suffering from joint problems for a long time. Alcohol can cause inflammation in joints, such as the knees or wrists.

Problems with alcohol? You can find help here

Consuming alcohol is unhealthy for the body. If you often experience pain after drinking, you should definitely go to the doctor.

Counseling centers, self-help groups and the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS) also help people with problems with alcohol.

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