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Body fat, if these are your critical areas there is only one solution | Expert advice

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Body fat, if these are your critical areas there is only one solution |  Expert advice

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If you accumulate body fat in these critical areas of the body, here’s what you should do to eliminate it: follow this advice

A very sedentary daily life and a wrong, unbalanced diet are without a doubt the factors that lead to the accumulation of body fat in some specific areas of the body.

In fact, depending on our habits and our organism, we tend to accumulate excess fat in some spots on the body. In particular, there are areas that are most affected by the accumulation of body fat.

Just think about the upper part of the body, the central part of the stomach, the lower part of the body, the belly in its entirety, legs and hips, and finally the lower back.

So, if we want to find a solution and eliminate localized fat, we should first keep in mind a very important concept. Each area of ​​the body where body fat is present corresponds to a specific solution. In short, the loss of excess fat depends on the area in which it accumulated.

Body fat: how to eliminate it

As just mentioned, body fat tends to accumulate in various parts of the body, depending on our eating habits and our degree of sedentary lifestyle.

Consequentially, there are various solutions that vary depending on the location of the unpleasant fat. Let’s discover them together.

How to remove fat from these areas of the body

If we have accumulated body fat in the upper body, then it means that we tend to eat too much and badly and to lead a rather sedentary lifestyle. So, the solution is to avoid sweets and start taking daily walks of at least half an hour.

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Instead, if we gain weight in the belly area in its entirety then it will mean that we tend to drink too much alcohol, above all beers. This is precisely the case of the so-called “beer belly”, i.e. the beer belly. So, we should avoid alcohol in general and practice breathing exercises.

Finally, if we accumulate body fat in the stomach and lower back it means that we are not following a balanced and healthy eating plan. The solution therefore is that of better organizing your daily food plan, dividing it into 5 meals a day: snack, morning snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. And obviously physical activity cannot be missing.

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