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Bologna, Favia shock on women. The former grillino: “The f … gym of life” – breaking latest news

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Giovanni Favia at the inauguration of his new venue ‘Piano piano’

Bologna, 2 December 2021 – “The f. it is a training ground for life … “. The words of Giovanni Favia, former grillino, now an entrepreneur which he has recently launched his new bistro in Piazza Maggiore, go around the web. In a video while joking with a reporter (relaunched by the blog bar of Danilo Masotti, father of the Umarells) explains his entrepreneurial strategy: “I opened this place because I took a gamble, I threw myself … As with women, I said I’ll try “.

Boom of controversy on and off the web. By the deputy mayor Emily Clancy who, in addition to the sad face on the video posted on social media, attacks: “Yet another objectification of women and a celebration of the model of man who wins over women and businesses to be considered successful. A very sad, macho and demeaning exchange “.

Simona Lembi, in charge of the Gender Equality Plan in the Metropolitan City, goes on the attack: “Favia’s words are arrogant and vulgar. It amazes above all else that he does not seem to have any awareness of the profoundly male-dominated meaning of what he says. Do you think your words destino sympathy, rather than disgust and horror…”.

Criticisms also in the male, with Francesco Gentilini, councilor of the Civic Coalition of the Santo Stefano district: “But is this stuff horrifying only to me?”, underlining “the alleged goliardia of comparing winning women to a commercial enterprise”. And liquidate it all with two words: sexism and turtlen.

Favia, on his side, in a comment on Facebook points out the “theatrical and gag tone. It is clear that we do not offend anyone, least of all a gender or a person “. And he reconstructs how the video was born:” Masotti amused by what he did an Instagram story taking up my message “, but reiterates, “is clear the nonsense and paradoxical nature of our exchange “.

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