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Bonus update Dear Bills to Sports Collaborators

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Bonus update Dear Bills to Sports Collaborators

In yesterday’s day, Sport e Salute has received from INPS the data necessary to define the audience of beneficiaries of the one-off bonus of 200 euros established by art. 32, paragraph 12, second sentence, of the decree-law of 17 May 2022, n. 50, converted, with amendments, by law 15 July 2022, n. 91.

To allow for the correct disbursement of the sums, eligible sports collaborators will be able to access the Sport e Salute SpA platform by 11.59 pm on 29 December to modify, where necessary, the IBAN communicated when applying for the Covid allowances. If the communication of new bank references is not made, the payment will be made to those previously communicated.
To access the platform, please carefully follow the instructions below:

  • 1. book access to the platform by sending an SMS with your Tax Code to 339.9940875;
  • 2. access the platform via the following link on the date and time indicated:
  • 3. enter: the Fiscal Code (all caps and all attached), the password chosen during registration and the unique code received via SMS;
  • 3.1) in case of lossthe password can be retrieved by clicking here: https://curaitalia.sportesalute.eu/nuovaPassword. You will be asked to enter your tax code (in capital letters and attached) and an email will be sent containing the link to set a new password;
  • 4) once accessed to the platform, follow the instructions on the home page.

The subjects to whom the platform does not allow access are not included in the group of beneficiaries.

In the spirit that has always characterized the Company’s action and in order to send the sums as soon as possible, the disbursement of the 200 euro bonus will take place in the next few hours and also pending the aforementioned deadline, as they occur the Iban changes.

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As for the 150 euro bonus established by art. 19, paragraph 12, 2nd paragraph of the decree-law of 23 September 2022, n. 144 converted with amendments by law 17 November 2022, n. 175, on the other hand, the data necessary for the disbursement will be available only following the outcome of further procedures being carried out by the INPS, therefore, the disbursement by Sport e Salute Spa will take place at a later time.

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