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boom in infections among the over 30s

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boom in infections among the over 30s

Published: 04/03/2024 17:40

It’s the season of influences and contagions rather widespread and long-lasting. Those over 30 are among the most affected, waiting for influenza B, which occurs between winter and spring and affects children and teenagers the most. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea among people among the most common symptoms for those over 30. Respiratory and intestinal viruses are the most common in general medical clinics. Few traces of Covid, rarely encountered.
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Respiratory viruses are rampant

March is a difficult month for respiratory and intestinal diseases. This month then began with changes in temperatures, transitions from dry to wet, in short, not the sign of spring. In colleagues’ surgeries we see many cases of intestinal viruses that cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, which can be severe especially in the working population, 30-50 year olds”. As Pierluigi Bartoletti, deputy national secretary of the Italian Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg).

Covid is gone, influenza B arrives

“Then we still see some viral pneumonia, but Covid really seems to have disappeared from the radar“. “Influenza B which strikes children and young people between March and April has yet to arrive”.

I treatment advice. “You need a lot of patience, but above all you need to rehydrate during the day. Maybe skip meals if you don’t have an appetite or eat little.”

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