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boom in requests for help on Telefono Amico |

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boom in requests for help on Telefono Amico |

The data arriving from Telefono Amico confirms once again that i mental health problems they are a real emergency in our country. The only good news is that it increases the awareness of suffering from it and the will to get out of itasking for professional help.

Mental health problems confirmed by Telefono Amico numbers

In 2023 Friendly Phone has received almost 115 thousand requests for help, over 300 every day. The service that has grown the most in percentage terms is listening via WhatsApp (+14% compared to 2022), followed by email (+10%). However, the telephone listening service remains the most used with over 100,000 calls in the last year.

The number for calls is 02 2327 2327the one for chatting via WhatsApp is instead 324 011 7252.

Who tells Telefono Amico about their mental health problems?

Phone calls are men’s favorite. 54% of those who dialed the Telefono Amico number are in fact men. Nearly six in ten people called in about mental health issues. 19% called for problems related to relationships and 9% to sexuality. Telephone calls are mainly used by the over 36s: those between 56 and 67 years old represent 26% of the total, between 46 and 55 years old 23%, and finally between 36 and 45 years old 18%.

Who chooses to chat via WhatsApp or write an email?

As regards WhatsApp and email services, the identikit changes significantly. The chatters are mostly women (WhatsApp 64%, email 69%) and young people. Those who turn to WhatsApp are between 26 and 35 years old (22%), between 19 and 25 (20.5%) and between 15 and 18 (18%). Whoever chooses to write to mail@mica is between 19 and 25 years old (20%), between 26 and 35 years old (19%), between 36 and 45 (13%).

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Creativity can help a lot

«If the mental pain is overwhelming, it is essential to seek professional help immediately. Quickly recognizing an uneasy situation allows you to implement self-defense strategies to prevent the situation from degenerating. In these moments to manage the daily burden of difficulties and worries, It can be very helpful to dedicate yourself to an activity that excites you or relaxes you». Monica Petra is the president of Telefono Amico Italia.

This is why the occasion of World Creativity Day celebrated on April 21stTelefono Amico launched on social la sfida #curArti. Those who wish can post photos, videos and content on their social channels on how they choose to dedicate free time to themselves through creativity. So let your imagination run wild.

Music can also help a lot

As already happened on stage at the last Sanremo Festival, the band La Sad continues to be at the forefront to support Telefono Amico Italia.

«Art and music can do a lot. They are languages ​​through which it is often easier to recognize and give vent to one’s pain, especially for younger people» explains Monica Petra. «We saw evidence of this during Sanremo, when, thanks to La Sad, we were able to bring issues such as mental distress and suicide to such an important stage. The response was exceptional, a sign that people, especially young people, need to discuss and give space to these issues, also through ‘lighter’ forms of language such as music and art in general.”

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