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boost your immune defenses with the ingredient no one knows

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boost your immune defenses with the ingredient no one knows

The ailments of the change of seasons are upon us, but there is a secret ingredient that helps our immune defenses. Let’s see which one.

We are at the end of September, and as we know the classic change of season has begun, which leads us to have the first ailments due to the change in temperatures.

Chilled Man (Canva)

We often hear that the months of the so-called seasonal changes are very delicate for our immune system, because our psycho-physical balance is attacked by the first cold.

Immune defenses, the ally is echinacea

In September we return from holidays, resume the daily routine, work, home, family, school, etc. The heat gradually disappears, and autumn begins.

Echinacea for immune defenses
Echinacea (Canva)

Our body is very affected by the change of season, and the immune defenses, as well as the psyche, struggle a little to find balance. The first seasonal ailments cThey appear, thanks to the temperatures that still change abruptly from one part of the day to the other. But not only that, the psycho-physical fatigue looks out, and even the psyche does not feel at the top. So how can we help our immune system during this period?

The experts of Riza, present an ally for the immune system in this September, and as always they rely on nature, recommending theechinacea. Experts explain the importance of careful food supplement. Specifically, they rely on a plant native to North America that phytotherapy has always suggested as a reinforcement of the defenses: it is theechinaceathe basis of the best food supplements, those enriched with other useful substances, such as black currant, zinc, elderberry, acacia fiber, vitamins C and D and honey.

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Echinacea is capable of playing a role at the same time support is one of prevention. Riza specifically explains the properties of the other substances. The ribes nigrum has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties; the zinc it is one of the minerals that most contribute to normal immune function; the elder is a great natural anti-flu – lowers body temperature, and promotes the liberation of the bronchi; there acacia fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal microbiome.

On the vitamin front, the Vitamin C has many virtues, including neutralizing free radicals, while the Vitamin D favors the action of white blood cells that defend our body. Finally the miele, considered a great natural tonic, which calms coughs and contributes to the well-being of the whole body.

Echinacea can be taken liquid or in chewable tablets. “The different formulation is designed to meet all customer needs: some people and many children do not like supplements in pills. Suitable for everyone and at any age, these products offer you what you need to face the recovery in September and the following months with all the strength, health and psycho-physical well-being you need “, finally explains Riza.

(Source Riza)

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