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Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health

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Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health
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Before buying bottles of water at the supermarket, read the label carefully. In this way, the food product that is added to the cart is perfectly known.

It would be impossible to live without water, humanity’s most precious asset. Since ancient times, populations settled along the banks of rivers (just remember the Mesopotamian civilizations near the Tigris and Euphrates) or near the sea. This guaranteed both survival and an excellent communication channel with neighboring lands.

There have also been some clashes over water, precisely because of its vital importance. With the advance of time, well-being in the Western world took over to the point that we can safely turn on the kitchen tap or go to the supermarket.

Unfortunately, distracted by the many daily commitments, we do not pay attention to what is reported on the labels of food products. If we did, the cart would probably contain something else. The same goes for bottles of water.

In addition to natural water, there is also mineral water. Widely taken into consideration by the world‘s population, one must know all its properties and numbers as a percentage of its components.

Various types of mineral water

The waters classified as mineral are those that come from underground aquifers and natural springs. It must be placed in the bottles as it flows from the source and chemical alterations must not be made. The Ministry of Health absolutely must guarantee its composition, purity and quality.

There are the minimally mineralized waters (light and low in mineral salts and low in sodium), le oligominerali (with little sodium and indicated in case of high blood pressure), le moderately mineral (considerable percentage of salts, recommended for those who do physical activity with a good ability to replenish liquids) e strongly mineral (rich in salts, to drink for therapeutic purposes).

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Other features to consider

This data is written on the label as fixed residue, or the quantity of minerals that are deposited in a liter of water evaporated at 180 degrees. One is not recommended over the others, but a choice must be made based on specific needs. The wording Chemical and chemical-physical analysisinstead, marks the place where analyzes and results are performed. We can read the following characteristics: the fixed residue, the dissolved substances, the Ph, the bottling temperature, the minimum conservation term and the hardness (the value of the limestone).

Based on the properties of mineral salts we have calcium water (rich in calcium and useful for stimulating liver and kidney function), sodium water (low sodium content, suitable for promoting diuresis) and sulphate water (suitable for gastrointestinal disorders and constipation)

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