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Brave Series RNFT Chapter 1 Final Review: From Figure Exchange Mode to Sandbox Metaverse Game

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Brave Series RNFT Chapter 1 Final Review: From Figure Exchange Mode to Sandbox Metaverse Game

Taiwan’s first Netflix animation IP “The Brave Series” launched the Brave Series at the end of last year The RNFT plan is to issue a limited number of 758 demon king NFTs on Ethereum, combined withThe integration of virtual and real doll exchange empowers new gameplay. In mid-July this year, Taiwan’s first Sandbox game-based metaverse, Brave World, was released, completing the stage.Project leaders share their RNFT Chapter 1and views on Web3 and IP.
(Recap:The first game-based metaverse in Taiwan! Netflix’s “Brave Series” will be released on Sandbox in July

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The unique worldview dominated by the brave, demons, and villagers alludes to human nature, ironic current affairs and social phenomena. The popular cartoonist’s erotica topic work “Brave Series” will launch the anime series “Brave Animation Series” in mid-2021, and join hands with Mayday Ashin, Xiao Jingteng, Eggplant Egg, Huang Zijiao and others collaborated on the theme song and dubbing, becoming Taiwan’s first anime series to be featured on Netflix.

At the end of the same year, the Brave series RNFT plan was launched, and a limited number of 758 NFTs were issued on the Ethereum chain to explore the new field of Web3. The first chapter full of adventure will also be completed in stages after the metaverse game goes live in July this year.

Curly Hair, the head of the Brave series RNFT project, said:

“In the past six months, the team has held numerous meetings before and after, thinking about how to develop a new model of IP value-added through innovative technologies. With limited resources, the first chapter finally chose to focus on three things, a new mechanism for IP virtual and real integration, a new collection mechanism, JRPG-themed community management, and the realization of Taiwan’s first game-based metaverse on Sandbox – the unique world of the Brave series.”

The first RNFT to integrate virtual and real digital collections to expand the universe of the brave

In order to provide IP fans with a more comprehensive collection experience, the Brave team created the “Redeemable Convertible NFT” mechanism. Project Executive Manager SJ mentioned: “The technical characteristics of NFT digital certificates allow the traditional membership rights authentication mechanism to be more flexibly optimized. In the application scenario of the Brave RNFT, NFT is transformed into a ticket with various rights and interests, and the voucher is guaranteed to be exchanged. The popular character “Demon King” is a physical doll, allowing the holder to enjoy a digital and physical collection at one time.”

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The first wave of RNFT released 4 clones, including the Demon King Black and White Model, the Demon King Electroplating Model, the Demon King Rabbit Model and the Huang Zijiao Co-branded Model. Each clone has exclusive abilities and attributes, such as health, attack power, magic value, etc., and the rarity exceeds 100. With 10,000 permutations and combinations, players have the opportunity to draw a limited-edition model with all the values ​​that are on the table!

Among the physical dolls available for exchange, there are also joint models with well-known artist collector Huang Zijiao. Combining the concepts of “yellow”, “purple” and “banana” from the original erotica, he personally designed the special edition devil character of the yellow-purple contrasting banana, which is limited to only 5 in the world.

Endow the community with the soul of JRPG and extend the spirit of the brave into Web3

In addition to the rights and interests of the exchange of physical dolls, Brave RNFT holders also have a community experience that integrates role-playing game mechanics. Focusing on the original spirit of the Brave series, the team designed a JRPG-style participation method for the Brave Discord community. After entering the server, community members need to choose one of the three camps of the Brave, the Demons, and the Villagers, and explore the story characters as the core. activities, such as Slime Questioning, Goblin Reading Club, etc.

Members of each camp have also developed their own unique native culture, such as electing spiritual leaders such as the Demon King, the Village Chief, and the King of the Brave; setting the villager’s cauliflower in the original story as the community mascot, and developing a unique slogan “Those”.

SJ mentioned: “The holders of the Brave series RNFT have been very “involved” since they chose the community camp, and they are particularly active from extension creation to topic discussion, which makes the vitality of the Brave series IP a lot stronger.”

The RPG-style community experience has also expanded from online to offline. In early 2022, the Brave series RNFT team will hold the Brave Party. From the party space, the lottery prizes, and the participants’ clothing rules, the theme of the story of the brave is the theme, and the holders are invited to draw a lottery to have fun and talk about development plans. Chen Lingjiu from the entertainment industry, well-known YouTuber Zhiqi 77, and the chain game team Guting Game Association, etc. The unique activities are more attractive to the holders to make and share their own pictures.

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The Brave RNFT community operations manager, who also serves as the third mother of the “Demon King” in the community demon camp, shared:

“What is special about the Brave community is that it is a place to grow together.” Looking back at the first opening of the Discord community more than half a year ago, all kinds of partners participated in the brave adventure together, “Partners who were new to the blockchain gradually became NFTs. Players; veterans who have been in the NFT market have gradually been moved by the hero’s worldview.” Community partners spontaneously support each other, organize Goblin reading clubs, act as community ambassadors, and maintain the online field of the hero JRPG. “The traces of mutual growth will be an unforgettable page in each other’s hearts.”

Brave Universe continues to expand: Brave World, the first game-based metaverse in Taiwan

Holding the Brave RNFT can not only exchange for physical dolls, participate in community activities, but also enter the metaverse in the form of an exclusive devil.. It took half a year to build with the metaverse art studio pupupupuisland. The Brave series RNFT officially released Sandbox’s first game-based metaverse Brave World in July this year. Holders can enter the experience with RNFT.

With the story of the brave as the core, Brave World’s plot, scenes, props, characters and game interaction mechanisms are all reprints of the original classics, allowing players to experience the unique world view of the brave. After the player enters the Sandbox world, he turns into a story character “Brave” to start an adventure.

At the beginning of the game, the hero from the player’s perspective, with the ideal of fairness and justice, swore with blood to destroy the root of all evil – the devil. After embarking on the journey, explore 6 areas by yourself, including “Demon Settlement”, “Goblin Village”, “Dragon Habitat”, “Flag Demon Fortress”, “Demon King Tower” and “Brave City”, and solve the designated tasks and Hidden easter eggs, such as rescuing the trapped Dragon Girl and Qinglong in the City of Brave, and the lava parkour competition in the volcano in the Balrog Fortress.

In addition, the metaverse scene Brave World is connected to RNFT. Players of different levels of RNFT can obtain corresponding exclusive modeling objects in the game. For example, they can obtain demon king outfits through passwords, so that the characters can become demon kings of different levels in the hands of players.

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Before the official launch of the game-based metaverse, the team also held a trial session to provide community members with an early experience.

The official release of the pilot image video>> https://bit.ly/3NMI9Zb

The value-added field of two-way interaction between IP and fans, Web3 creates infinite possibilities for the fan economy

The “Brave Series” has been serialized on the pornographic community platform since 2016, and has successively released peripheral products, and then adapted animations to Netflix, watched by more than 100 countries, and officially entered Web3.0 in 2021. The metaverse is constantly changing.

Web3 has launched a new experimental field of two-way interaction between IP and fans, bringing considerable positive impact to the IP economy. Under the traditional interactive structure, fans can only receive content in one direction through commodities, graphics, etc.; while in Web3, through media such as communities and NFT smart contracts, fans can deeply and independently participate in community and project development content.Wendy Liu, Project Executive Manager, added:“The spirit of IP is closely linked to the life of fans. The two not only empathize, but also create and even benefit together.”

SJ said:

“For IP, Web3 provides new tools such as NFT digital assets, smart contract gameplay, and metaverse virtual world, which greatly increases fan loyalty and favorability; and after owning these unique digital assets, fans are also more Motivated to continue to create value for IP.”

Looking back at the Brave RNFT project, Web3’s media broke through the existing barriers between fans and IP, bringing the relationship closer to each other.Whether it is community members creating their own “cauliflower” mascot to continue the original content of the Brave series, actively contacting the project team to confirm the information about their favorite dolls, or creating their own “Cauliflower” mascot in the Sandbox Metaverse 《Brave World 》After the trailer was broadcast, the private message team said that it was very touching to see the scene of the favorite character solving the task in the metaverse, etc. These are the traces of the first chapter of the brave RNFT deeply imprinted in the hearts of the IP management team and fans.

Brave Series Brave Series RNFT official website:https://fandoranft.com/

Brave Series RNFT Discord:https://bit.ly/3ymu7rL

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