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Breaking Stereotypes: Nurse Turned Entrepreneur Founding Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

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Breaking Stereotypes: Nurse Turned Entrepreneur Founding Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Nurse Alba Viadel Challenges Stereotypes by Founding Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Alba Viadel, a nurse with over 20 years of experience in the operating room, has taken a bold step by venturing into entrepreneurship and establishing her own aesthetic medicine clinic, Pôeme, in Valencia. This decision not only signifies a significant shift in her professional journey but also challenges traditional beliefs about the role of nurses in business.

Viadel’s clinic offers a comprehensive range of services that surpass typical aesthetic medicine standards, catering to a diverse clientele including pregnant women and individuals undergoing cancer treatment, showcasing the empathy and dedication that define the nursing profession. Despite facing various obstacles in the process of setting up her clinic, Viadel persevered and stayed disciplined in achieving her goals.

The nurse turned entrepreneur has set high-quality standards for her clinic, ensuring that all treatments are carried out or supervised by qualified specialists. Viadel emphasizes the importance of maintaining excellence and safety in all services offered, with the aim of positioning her clinic among the best in the region. She also stresses the significance of having a well-defined business plan to attract investors.

Selecting a team of professionals who align with the brand’s vision and mission has been pivotal for Viadel in her entrepreneurial venture. The clinic’s marketing strategy revolves around promoting its commitment to safe beauty and holistic care for individuals at every stage of life. Furthermore, Viadel offers advice to fellow nurses interested in entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing patient well-being, satisfaction, and collaborative teamwork.

Through her journey, Viadel demonstrates that nurses have the potential to not only provide direct patient care but also lead impactful business ventures. Her courage and determination serve as an inspiration for others in the nursing profession to challenge existing norms and pursue innovative initiatives that benefit society as a whole.

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