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Breaking the Taboo: Men and Aesthetic Medicine – Demystifying Prejudices and Stigmas

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Breaking the Taboo: Men and Aesthetic Medicine – Demystifying Prejudices and Stigmas

Men breaking barriers in aesthetic medicine: 1 in 4 have undergone treatment

Men who use aesthetic medicine are facing social stigma and prejudices, but they are slowly breaking barriers and debunking the myth that this practice is only for women. According to a study by Teoxane, a company specializing in hyaluronic acid, in collaboration with Nielsen, 1 in 4 men has undergone an aesthetic medicine treatment and up to 60% would be interested in doing so in the future.

Dr. Raúl Navarro explains that men are increasingly focused on preventing aging and promoting healthy aging. He notes, “Aesthetic medicine has evolved to where men are more proactive in their approach to lifestyle, beauty, and health.” The study reveals that men under 41 years of age are the most likely to seek out aesthetic treatments.

While some men may initially dismiss the idea of aesthetic medicine, many are open to changing their minds if they see positive results in others. Dr. Navarro emphasizes that seeing successful outcomes in other men can help alleviate any concerns or skepticism about undergoing aesthetic treatments.

Despite the growing acceptance of male aesthetic medicine, there are still some who hold prejudices. 3 out of 4 Spanish men believe it is normal for men to undergo aesthetic treatments, while 6% consider it taboo. The main reasons cited for avoiding such treatments include concerns related to machismo, homosexuality, or the belief that it appears “unnatural” or “artificial.”

Furthermore, the study also highlights the social challenges faced by men who have undergone aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid. 4 out of 10 men may hesitate to openly acknowledge their treatment due to embarrassment, fear of misunderstanding, or potential criticism. However, a high percentage of men who have received hyaluronic acid treatments report positive outcomes and are satisfied with the results.

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Despite the lingering social stigma, the increasing interest and positive experiences of men in aesthetic medicine are reshaping perceptions and encouraging more men to prioritize their appearance and well-being.

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