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Breast cancer, advice and support for Ri.Pre.Sa.

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Breast cancer, advice and support for Ri.Pre.Sa.

An association that bears imprinted in the name the idea of ​​never giving up, however to always try to get up. Although Ri.Pre.Sa – founded and chaired by dr. Luigi Filippini, breast surgeon of the Spedali Civili of Brescia, assisted by the vice president Emanuela Strabla – is the acronym of three fundamental words for the project (Research, Prevention, Health), it is clear how this reality, at the forefront of related prevention and research to breast cancer, has a well-started engine and is ready for further gear changes.

The activity

Among the services that the association offers are: one general desk, for concrete support to patients during the oncological journey; a consultancy service for working women, aimed at professional protection during the period of illness; then the “Recovery of intimate life” and “Recovery in the kitchen” desks, managed respectively by specialists in gynecology and by dieticians and nutritionists; finally Mindfullness courses and the like, because taking care of the body goes hand in hand with that of the spirit.


Among the most recent initiatives, yet much appreciated, there is also the free path of Psychological counseling, which is proposed as a concrete support to women (operated for breast cancer, or who are experiencing a difficult time due to the disease) and their families. Finally, the «Corri e Cammina» group should be mentioned, active since February 2022 and open to all, which meets every Wednesday from 19.45 to 21 at Tarello park of Brescia, for the practice of motor activity in the open air and in company.

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Further information on the activity of Ri.Pre.Sa can be obtained by calling the number 351/6891316, or by consulting the website www.ripresa.org or related social channels.

As part of fundraising activities, Ri.Pre.Sa organizes for Friday 25 November, at 20, a (pre)Christmas charity dinner at the Carlomagno restaurant, in via Campiani 9, in Collebeato. Anyone interested in participating can ask for information and book by calling 351/6891316.