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Breast cancer, the effects of radiotherapy on reconstructed breasts – Medicine

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Breast cancer, the effects of radiotherapy on reconstructed breasts – Medicine

Does radiotherapy damage the silicone in breast implants? Is it better to wait for it and postpone breast reconstruction? A group of senologists, plastic surgeons and psycho-oncologists of Donna X Donna is dedicating this year, a few days from the Bra Day of October 19, the day of breast reconstruction, with a brochure to answer the doubts of patients on the effects of this reconstructed breast treatment.
Clear answers to reassure: for each case there are the most suitable solutions, ranging from lipofilling / use of autologous fat to soften the breast reconstructed with prostheses and hardened by the radius, to massages to reduce the stiffening of the reconstructed tissues without the use of prostheses, from lightening creams to depigmenting lasers to reduce the hyper-pigmentation of the skin induced by radiotherapy up to the various surgical techniques necessary in cases of more severe radio reaction. “In cases of mastectomies reconstructed in the same operation, with or without the use of prostheses – underlines Professor Marzia Salgarello, coordinator of the Donna X Donna promoting committee – radiotherapy can induce problems of mild and medium entity, the most frequent and treatable both surgically than with supportive therapies, such as lipofilling and massages. There are also more severe complications, albeit rarer, difficult to resolve unless the patient is operated on again. The collaboration between surgeons and radiotherapist oncologists of the Breast Unit allows the choice of the most suitable method “. Complications due to radiotherapy on the reconstructed breast are minor when immediate reconstruction with prosthesis performed together with mastectomy is chosen. On the other hand, putting the expander and waiting to do the reconstruction in another period seems to increase the risk. Postponing reconstruction until after radiotherapy increases the risk of complications, from 30 to 50% according to recent studies. , Astorina, donando’Carezza di Eva di Diabolik¸Astorina srl, drawing by Giuseppe Palumbo that accompanies the brochure, viewable on www.beautifulafterbreastcancer.it

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