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Breast cancer with PIk3ca mutation: “is it possible to use abemaciclib after chemotherapy?”

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Is it possible to use abemaciclib after chemotherapy with eribulin, for advanced metastatic breast cancer ER + HER2 negative and with PIk3ca mutation?

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He answers Annamaria Molino, professor at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Verona, former Director of the Complex Operating Unit of Medical Oncology and of the Breast Group at the Integrated University Hospital of Verona.

Dear Reader, as anyone who reads our column well knows, we cannot give opinions on such specific cases. This editorial choice is not due to a lack of availability on our part, but to the impossibility of giving a competent opinion without viewing all the medical documentation and without having visited the patient.

Breast cancer, in fact, is not a single disease but a set of many diseases that are characterized by the expression of molecular targets predicting the response to specific therapies, the so-called molecular target therapies. It must also be borne in mind that the field of new therapies is increasingly expanding, and by now the therapeutic possibilities are truly many, both with drugs used individually and in combination.

The scenario, therefore, is very complex, and for this reason it is important to be followed by an oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, because the various choices depend not only on the characteristics of the tumor and the possible therapies, but also on the response to previous treatments and conditions. of the patient.

There are also ministerial indications on the use of drugs, but also the possibility of using drugs without the marketing authorization issued by the Ministry of Health, which are provided free of charge by the pharmaceutical manufacturers for use outside the trial. clinical, the so-called “compassionate use”, when the risk / benefit probabilities appear favorable. As you can understand, in this complex picture it is impossible to answer questions like yours in an ethically correct way.

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