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Breast pain with leaking thick yellow fluid

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I am 28 years old and today, after a long time that my breasts felt sore and with dense yellow fluid leaking from the nipple (when squeezed), I had a breast ultrasound. The investigation highlighted “on the left a formation with an oval hypoechoic echo structure with irregular contours with benign characteristics of about 8 mm. A similar formation of about 7 mm is noticeable on the right in the superior periareolar site. Bilaterally, some minute cystic formations are appreciated. Yes recommend visit in 8 months “. I have not been told anything else and I am very worried.

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Dr. Andrea Sagona, a breast surgeon at the Humanitas Cancer Center’s Breast Unit, answers

Dear Mrs,

breast secretion can be an absolutely normal phenomenon, especially if you have previously breastfed. The formations described, as far as can be seen, seem to show characteristics of benignity. However, a clinical breast evaluation with an accurate anamnesis is recommended, to better frame the problem. The advice is to always contact a Multidisciplinary Breast Unit within a hospital.

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