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BRING – Greetings – News – EU
It could soon become a reality to travel in Italy and Europe with a single train-plane ticket, leave your luggage at the departure station and find it at your destination, accumulate loyalty points with combined programmes.
Travelers could take the train, arrive at the airport and board the plane with the same ticket, if the collaboration started by FS with Lufthansa and Ita Airways goes through.
The project is in the starting stages but the benefits could be multiple and cascading for the travelers and for the companies involved in the operation themselves.
The FS Group, led by the CEO Luigi Ferraris, has signed two Memorandums of Understanding: with Ita Airways and with the Lufthansa Group which also involves the subsidiaries Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines, and the local companies Lufthansa CityLine, Air Dolomiti and Eurowings Discover.
The companies aim to create effective multimodal services between air and train, connecting different modes of transport; develop a joint offer up to allowing the purchase of air and train tickets in a single solution; define combined loyalty programs.
In detail, FS and Lufthansa aim at cooperation for feeder traffic within the Italian territory, with the aim of creating synergies between the various modes of transport for the benefit of travellers.
The cooperation will include numerous rail connections to and from various Italian airports. The exact structure of the program is being examined in further talks on the Rome-Cologne axis.
For Lufthansa, which is bidding for an initial 40% stake in Ita Airways, the single train-air ticket is nothing new, because already in 2001 it signed the first cooperation agreement with Deutsche Bahn for rail connections with its airports (LH Express Rail).
To date, the group led by Carsten Spohr already leads intermodal cooperations in its home markets with Deutsche Bahn, BB and SBB.
Overall, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group offer their passengers over 3,000 weekly train and bus connections from more than 40 cities.

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(Daily Think Taank dated 08/02/2023)

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