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[qui la lettera mensile in formato pdf]

Why the monthly letter: well, it’s important to know what and how we do, whether you are already a supporting member or intend to become one. So you know if you did the right thing with your donation or will do it by deciding to donate. A sort of investment for some certainties… and don’t hesitate to criticize and advise us.

Switchboard. What happens? Fear of economic freedoms
The month that has just ended has been dominated by liberalisations. One in particular, the end of the protected energy market, has “disturbed” our institutional and political structure: it has brought into play many of the positional gains on which the consensus is based and, an important aspect always left unsaid, the possibility of a economic growth and a better quality of life.
The free market is now a reality starting from January 10th for gas and from April 1st for electricity. Note that it will affect almost 40% of users, as the rest, including protected categories and those already in the free market, will be affected only because an even freer market will be able to bring greater benefits.
A worrying note is that all the big parties, both government and opposition, have thundered against it, despite having voted for the measure: they say that we consumers would be penalized… strange, given that with the free market, choice and quality are greater and prices are lower… . but it is a dynamic that would escape their economic and social control… is that clear?
And the lack of liberalization is still characteristic, for example, of taxis, which are unobtainable and expensive. While the farce of the failed liberalization of the beaches continues, firmly in the hands of the friends of national and local politicians, and who pay ridiculous rents.
The end of the month was also the Black Friday binge… don’t worry, discounted prices can be found always and everywhere… the media hubbub was just advertising.

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I bring
on the executive level

* the positive trend of judicial appeals against fines imposed by Municipalities just to raise cash continues;
* obtained refunds for expensive bills (energy and telecommunications), the result of conciliations before the specific authorities, Arera and Agcom;
* obtained refunds from merchants who had violated purchase contracts made with consumers;
* we have opened a new headquarters of the association in Bologna (via Livraghi n. 1 c/o Solferini law firm).
on the information and reporting level
see articles, editorials, news and cartoons published on www.aduc.it, on Facebook/Meta and Twitter/X

In the last one NOVEMBER we have:
– published on the web and social media 166 ARTICLES AND NEWS;
– sent 16 WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS to those who specifically subscribed to them (Warnings [generalista]Health, Drugs and Informed Investing).

– More than 80 thousand people have visited the web, more than 7 thousand follow us on the Facebook/Meta page and almost 1,500 on Twitter/X.
– More than 300 asked directly for advice and assistance, via web or in person.
– 98 new members were registered out of a total of 101,083 to date.
– 111 people decided to make a donation, for a total of 4,797.00 euros

These numbers were possible thanks to those who, by using us, ALSO DECIDED TO DONATE.
We are non-profit, volunteer-based and, by choice, we do not take public funding or advertising. We are only here thanks to donations.

It’s December, several people collect their thirteenth salary… thanks also to Aduc for a thought

If you want to use and be part of Aduc, choose us:
– supporting member (minimum 45 euros and if you ask us for advice online we will reply within two days);
– with periodic free donation;
– with occasional free donation.
Here for registrations and donations

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Thank you
Vincenzo Donvito Magicpresident

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