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Bringing health care back to the territory with the public-private partnership

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Community hospitals, community homes and RSA: these are the three pillars identified by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) to reorganize care in the area with 3.3 billion investment and a total of 1,669 facilities. An impressive endowment, especially considering the impoverishment of primary care highlighted by the pandemic. But these numbers – reveals a study carried out by Nomisma for Rekeep and presented yesterday at the digital event “Towards a proximity healthcare” organized by Sole-24Ore with the same Rekeep (1,100 members) – will not cover the needs of care.

Nomisma’s proposal

Hence the Nomisma proposal to enhance the park-structures by redeveloping the existing 77%. The details are given by Marco Marcatici, Nomisma Development Manager: «To implement the model outlined by the NRP, 8.2 billion would be needed, intervening on 3,563 structures covering an area of ​​5.4 million square meters. Part of this amount of 3,308 million is already foreseen in the NRP while it would take another 4.9 billion to complete all the interventions ”. But how to find the extra resources? The proposal presented at the Sole24Ore-Rekeep event provides for the involvement of private individuals, including operators of services in support of health such as facility management through the public-private partnership (PPP).

A flywheel of 25.7 billion

It would be a formula capable of generating an economic driving force of 25.7 billion starting from the initial 8.2 billion. For every euro invested in the redevelopment of the structures, Nomisma estimates, 3.5 euros would be generated. The interest of the business is not in contrast with that of the public administration which focuses on innovative welfare: we ask the decision makers to put the business system in a position to participate in these projects. We are able to provide technical skills and design skills, which today lack in the public dismantled in recent decades. There are legal formulas that can reconcile the interest and profit of private enterprise with the success of the objective of improving welfare in general and in this case of local health ”.

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