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by 2050, a disease will affect more than cancer

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University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine honorary professor David Paterson said experts say antibiotic resistance (AMR) will hit more people than cancer by 2050. In Singapore, Advance-ID, a new network bringing together more than 60 hospitals in 15 countries where Paterson is director will test new drugs. The network works with pharmaceutical companies to evaluate new antibiotics and new diagnostic or preventive strategies.

According to the expert, clinical trials for new antibiotics or preventive strategies should be conducted in Asia, since almost half of the five million deaths from AMR in 2019 occurred in this region. Paterson said that in some Advance-ID hospitals, half of the bacterial infections in ICU patients are resistant to carbapenems, a class of potent antibiotics reserved for use in multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.

Among the causes pollution and global warming

Hospitals participating in the trials will have the opportunity to access new drugs. The network will pick two or three of a dozen potential drugs to test, with the first multi-hospital trial expected to begin later in 2023.

For the reasons for this increase in antibiotic resistance comes the response of Unep, the United Nations Environment Program according to which global warming plays a decisive role in the spread of the so-called “superbugs”: dangerous strains that can cause serious infections and which, because of their ability to more likely survive drugs, make antibiotics less effective.

High temperatures and heavy water, air and soil pollution contribute to bacterial growth and the spread of antibiotic-resistant germs because heat can favor the mutation of bacteria. Mutated bacteria are always stronger and more resistant because they transmit antibiotic resistance and spread it.

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