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Cairo Hospital, ok from the regional council: “It will become the first community hospital in Liguria”

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Liguria. Green light by the Regional Council for the redevelopment and strengthening project of the Cairo Montenotte hospital, which will become a community hospital and community house, according to the criteria of the recovery and resilience plan and within the framework also drawn up by the regional investment program Restart.

“The San Giuseppe hospital in Cairo will be the the first community hospital that will take shape and substance in Liguria – affirms the president of the Liguria Region and councilor for health Giovanni Toti – where the hospital activities for medium and low complexity will be accompanied by the work of general practitioners who, in the community house, will have their own home and will manage, together with colleagues from the continuity of care, the first aid clinic, exactly as in Albenga “.

“The focus is the strengthening of the territorial offer, through the conversion of existing structures to make local care more widespread and widespread throughout the territory, ensuring timely primary and intermediate care especially to the most fragile categories, with consequent positive effects in reducing pressure on acute care wards. In particular, the Cairo hospital has the ideal characteristics to guarantee this territorial offer, due to its size and also for its location, which will make it the landmark for this kind of performance of low or medium complexity of the whole Val Bormida“.

The community house is configured as a health facility in which all the facilities will be designed and coordinated interventions territorial of a social nature and social and health integration, particularly for the chronically ill. There is a single point of access to health services where a multidisciplinary team of general practitioners, pediatricians of choice, medical specialists, community nurses and other professionals will work, as well as social workers.

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The community hospital represents the main tool for strengthening intermediate care: a health facility a short hospitalization and intended for patients who require medium and low clinical intensity health interventions and for short-term hospitalizations.

“This model – continues president Toti – will guarantee one greater appropriateness of care, causing a substantial reduction in improper access to hospitals and emergency rooms, where today people often access despite not having serious illnesses or dependent time, but not finding adequate territorial responses. The Community Hospital will also play a valuable role in the post-hospital stay for all those fragile patients who, after the acute phase, for example after surgery, need a period of assistance before returning to their homes “.

Among the services offered by the community house through a single access point, i home care services, services outpatient specialist for chronic diseases, i nursing services, the integrated booking system connected to the Cup, the programs of screening, i diagnostic services with enhancement of the radiological offer, the continuity of care, the withdrawal point, social services for mental health, pathological addictions and child and adolescent neuropsychiatry, counseling activities and vaccinations.

In the context of the first intervention outpatient clinic due to the low care complexity is the strengthening of the home care and telemedicine network is also envisaged, to ensure health care closer to the most fragile subjects such as non self-sufficient elderly people.

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