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Calabria, 500 doctors arriving from Cuba to fill regional health gaps

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Calabria, 500 doctors arriving from Cuba to fill regional health gaps

Almost 500 Cuban doctors available to Calabrian healthcare. The president of the Region and commissioner of health, Roberto Occhiuto, has in fact signed an agreement with a state company of the Cuban government to send a contingent of Cuban doctors to Calabria to support the Calabrian ones to support the regional health system “. To make it known was the same Occhiuto with a video message on Facebook.

The problems of health

“Every day – began Occhiuto – I receive many messages from many Calabrian citizens who rightly complain that there are not enough doctors in our hospitals. There are not enough doctors in Italy, the limited number in Medicine has deprived ours Country of doctors who would be needed. And all the Regions are doing everything to recruit doctors and they are not succeeding. This problem is much more serious in Calabria because we have an unattractive health system “.

The agreement with Cuba

“For this reason – explained the president of the Region – for some months, this is good news, I entered into negotiations with the Cuban government, indeed with the state company of the Cuban government, the one that gave doctors to Lombardy, Piedmont in the acute phase of Covid, and who have done extraordinary work in those Regions, the same state company of the Cuban government that gives thousands of doctors to many countries in the world with great or requirements in terms of quality, experience, because the medical school Cubana is one of the best known. I entered into a negotiation and today I signed this agreement with the Cuban government at the Cuban embassy: they will give us up to 497 doctors, those who serve in our hospital wards, they will give them to us when needed. Now we will start in September with a few dozen doctors who we would integrate into our health system, and in this way however – concluded Occhiuto – these doctors, alongside the Calabrian doctors, will be able to guarantee the right to treatment of Calabrian citizens “.

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