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Can I eat apples with peel? Here’s what can happen

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Can I eat apples with peel?  Here’s what can happen

The apple is one of the most loved and eaten fruits in the world, not only can it be used in many varieties and can be used in several preparations, but it is a truly extraordinary product from a nutritional point of view. This fruit, in fact, is particularly full of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants that make this fruit a real panacea for health. However, it is in the peel of the apple that the greatest part of the beneficial nutrients can be found, therefore this should be eaten. In order to eat the apple peel, however, it is very important that the fruit is grown organically. This means without pesticides or additives harmful to health.

Can I eat apples with peel? Here’s what can happen

The peel of the organic apple, as can be seen in detail, not only contains a greater percentage of vitamins and nutrients, but above all it is free of residues of chemical substances which, if swallowed, would have effects contrary to those desired for one’s health. Now let’s see what are the main benefits of apple peel and how to avoid pesticides.

In fact, the peel is full of vitamins, especially A, C and B which are very important for health and for the immune system which becomes stronger through the action of these. Then it contains several fibers, essential to help the intestine to relax its functions with regularity. In the apple peel there are also many antioxidants, including quercetin which helps to fight numerous problems, such as degenerative or respiratory diseases.

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Furthermore, the peel of the organic apple contains the precious triterpenoids, substances that various studies would demonstrate as anticancer. The apple, therefore, is really a precious fruit for health, but as many researches show, it is in the peel that most of the beneficial substances are found. Suffice it to say that a peeled apple contains about 2 grams of fiber, while with the peel the contribution increases to 4.3.

Finally, many people, aware that classic supermarket products may have pesticides or other agents on the peel, do not trust it and do not consume it.

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