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Can maculopathies be prevented?

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Can maculopathies be prevented?

The prevention of maculopathy it’s possible. In Italy there are more than a million patients who suffers from it. Every year there are an estimated 63,000 new diagnoses. Since advanced age is one of the main risk factors, the numbers of this disease are inevitably destined to grow, as happens for example with dementia, which is also closely linked to aging.

What are maculopathies

As its name indicates, le Maculopathies affect the macula, which is the central part of the retina. It is a fundamental part of the eye, because It is responsible for clear vision. Those interested see only the outlines of the images and not the central part, which appears blurred. In short, the consequences on the quality of life are considerable.

What are the most widespread?

The most common maculopathy is macular degeneration, typical of older people. It is estimated that patients could reach half a million.

The numbers are also growingdiabetic macular edema. Approximately 7% of those living with diabetes suffer from it. The swelling occurs when damaged blood vessels leak fluid into the macula, causing edema.

Prevention of maculopathy: what are the risk factors?

In addition to age – symptoms generally appear over the age of 60 – there are several risk factors to pay attention to:

il typebecause they affect women more often, the cigarette smokewhich doubles the risk of the onset of the disease, the genetics. Anyone who has a close relative who has had the disease is at high risk of developing itexposure to sunlightwithout protection.

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Apart genetics and gender, which are two non-modifiable risk factors, we can instead intervene on cigarette smoking and exposure to sunlight. It is clear that a woman with a close relative who has macular degeneration must absolutely avoid smoking and exposing herself to the sun without protection for her eyes.

Now too contact lenses generally have a high protection factor. Let’s remember to check it when we buy them.

The prevention of maculopathy also involves the table

Nutrition also plays an important role. The advice of the experts is to limit saturated fats as much as possiblethose that are generally found in foods of animal origin and sugars. Instead, it is excellent to follow the dictates of the Mediterranean diet as precisely as possible. Recently the Istituto Superiore di Sanità did the focus on progress in therapies.

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