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Can the sun and spas cure it?

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With the advice of Dr. ELENA PIACENTINI, pediatrician and allergist of the CDI (Italian Diagnostic Center) Bionics in Milan. And of Dr. STEFANIA FARINA, specialist in Dermatology and member of the Study and Research Center of Terme di Comano; let’s see how spas can alleviate the problems caused by atopic dermatitis.

Too frequent washing, use of detergents containing excipients not suitable for delicate skin, clothing in direct contact with the body that rub and irritate, environments that are too hot or too humid that do not allow the skin to maintain proper hydration.

These are just some of the factors that, after genetic predisposition, can undermine the protective barrier of the skin fueling the onset of some problems widely spread among children. First of all the atopic dermatitis, skin pathology increased significantly over the last few years, so much so that about 15-20% of children are affected today. The signs are easy to recognize:

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  • dry skin e itch;
  • loss of firmness and turgor that is localized on the hands and face, but also on the folds of the arms and legs and which can cause insomnia, restlessness and also psychological implications for children and for the family.

The undesirable effects of overly aggressive therapy, such as cortisone therapy in the acute phase, for example, often weigh on this already problematic picture.

The benefits of the sun


The holidays at big they are great allies for our children’s skin. In fact, exposure to the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D, the precursor of all positive reactions on the skin.

“An indispensable intermediary – Dr. Piacentini points out – who makes sure that the sun penetrates the skin better. The hot-humid climate also hydrates the skin more ”.

acorrect exposure it is therefore often at the basis of the spontaneous improvement of the disease that is observed during the summer. Even bathing is not prohibited with due precautions (barrier creams before entering the sea, fresh water shower as soon as you come out and moisturizer immediately afterwards). Exposure to the sole typical of this period can improve symptoms and promote a reduction of drugs.

“The holidays, then – explains Dr. Farina – are the perfect time for a cycle of spa treatments which, as authoritative scientific research shows, are effective and safe and have longer lasting effects than cortisone treatments, in terms of improving itching. , redness and above all the quality of life “.

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All without no contraindications.

The benefits of the spa


A completely natural therapeutic opportunity, free of side effects, to treat the atopic dermatitis: it’s term. Those of Comano, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, are the only ones in Italy, with their bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium water, with anti-inflammatory and soothing, calming and regenerating properties, specialists in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children.

In fact, almost 3,000 children are treated each year in Comano and obtain the reduction of skin inflammation and itching, with lasting results over time, reducing the use of drugs.

“And these results are confirmed by clinical studies published in international scientific journals – underlines Dr. Farina. After 4 months, spa treatments are more effective than cortisone treatments, in terms of itching, redness and above all quality of life. From a dermatological point of view, a prolongation of the time of remission between an acute phase and the next was observed with a lower clinical severity of atopic dermatitis and a better quality of life of the patient, especially due to the reduction of itching. It is a valid natural therapy also useful in association with the treatments performed during the rest of the year “.

When to go?

“The ideal treatment period is two weeks. The thermal baths are carried out in individual bathtubs, made to measure, also suitable for children and in a specialized department. Babies can undergo the thermal baths cycle starting from the eighth month of life and only if the dermatitis is not in a very acute phase. The complete protocol for atopic dermatitis consists of a cycle of 12-20 thermal baths. It is advisable to combine the hydropinic treatment (water as a drink) as a supplement to balneotherapy (it regulates the intestinal permeability of the atopic child) “.

How to access treatment?

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You can make the spa treatments for atopic dermatitis and eczema in agreement with the National Health System (one cycle of treatments per year can be borrowed). To use them, you need a prescription from the attending physician and the relative indication of 12 thermal baths. Is required book the medical visit to the call center of Comano thermal baths.

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