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Can you eat oranges when pregnant? The surprising answer

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Can you eat oranges when pregnant?  The surprising answer

Oranges are a tasty fruit full of nutritional properties that are really excellent for the body. Therefore here we find out, for oranges, what are the nutritional values. This fruit is, among the various citrus fruits, probably the one most full of vitamins.

Can you eat oranges when pregnant? The surprising answer

It contains vitamin B9, which is very important during pregnancy. In fact, both before and during the period of sweet expectation, future mothers must take folic acid supplements and foods that are full of it, as necessary for the optimal formation of the fetus. Folic acid, which is precisely vitamin B9, is contained in oranges, but also in other fruits and vegetables and helps in the prevention of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Obviously the presence of vitamin C should not be underestimated. This plays an important role, especially in the winter months, in avoiding seasonal ailments such as the annoying cold. Therefore oranges strengthen the immune system of the pregnant woman bringing various benefits. This fruit also contains vitamin B, which is capable of boosting digestion, and vitamin A, which prevents infections, perfects skin hydration and also has positive effects on vision.

Consuming oranges during pregnancy, as well as legumes, tomatoes, lentils, broccoli and asparagus, is very considerable as they are foods containing more or less available quantities of folic acid. Folic acid or more generally Vitamin M or vitamin B9 is the only active form of dietary folate absorbed by the body, it is a water-soluble vitamin of group B essential for all synthesis responses and other relevant biochemical reactions. The intake of folic acid during pregnancy or in anticipation of it, considerably decreases the risk of serious fetal deformities such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

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Regular consumption of oranges therefore helps the body to prevent the growth of such serious pathologies in the fetus and also to anticipate the health of the woman herself. However, it is suggested to complete with other foods containing vitamin B or food supplements that are generally found in pharmacies in order to obtain the right essential contribution.

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