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Can you learn QiGong online?

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Can you learn QiGong online?

New video course including individual coaching from myochu.online

QiGong online mit Myochu

Corona and home office have left their mark on many people. Due to too little exercise, the body has become stiff, muscles, backs and joints ache, tension and fatigue are often part of the “normal” state. QiGong can alleviate these symptoms and the great thing is that you can learn and practice it comfortably at home. Myochu QiGong is offering a new 10-week video course including live coaching.

Gentle introduction to movement

With QiGong you can get started with movement and relaxation and achieve a new body feeling without pain. The gentle movements are suitable for everyone, regardless of constitution or age. And above all: you don’t need any equipment for QiGong and you can practice and learn it anywhere and at any time. Ideally under the guidance of a competent teacher, live or online.

Can you even learn QiGong online?

The answer is “yes”. However, the prerequisite is professional instruction from an experienced QiGong teacher. A distinction must also be made as to whether the lessons take place live online or via videos.


In live online seminars, exchange between participants and teacher is very possible. However, exercise details are often not clearly visible due to the two-dimensional display on the screen. Another point is that the participant is usually not visible on the screen in full size and corrections are therefore only possible to a limited extent. “The movements can definitely be learned well in the online course,” as Myochu Sigrid Hummel emphasizes. “What is missing, however, is the energy of the group and often participants are distracted in the home environment and cannot relax and focus as well.”

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Video course

The content is pre-recorded here. Personal communication or corrections are not possible. The big advantage of this format is that you can watch the videos as often as you want. The extent to which you can learn QiGong depends very much on your personal commitment and how well the exercises are explained. This requires a lot of experience and teaching practice on the part of the teacher.

In principle, it is possible to learn QiGong online. “Regular personal coaching from a competent teacher is essential in order to correct mistakes and develop further,” Myochu is convinced.

Pain-free & relaxed in 10 weeks

Based on these aspects, Myochu QiGong has developed a new video course including live coaching for everyone who would like to do something about their complaints at home, but under professional guidance. QiGong can be learned step by step, regardless of location, at your own pace and with personal support from Myochu. With the selected exercises, she gives the participant an effective “tool” to maintain or improve their health over the long term.

The course is intended to help bring more movement into everyday life, inner peace and serenity. QiGong should become an integral part of the day.

This is how the course works: Every week for 10 weeks, the participant receives two new videos to learn and practice, each lasting 10 to 20 minutes. There is a comment function under each video where you can contact Myochu directly. Questions will be answered within 24 hours.

After the second, fourth and eighth weeks, live online coaching takes place in which the participant can show what they have learned, ask questions and correct any mistakes. This means that each participant can develop at their own pace and access individual support at any time.

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Company profile

Myochu QiGong in Munich/Friday

Myochu QiGong was founded in 2011 in Ismaning near Munich. QiGong teacher Myochu Sigrid Hummel offers courses for companies, individual lessons and regular group courses live in the studio and online. The health QiGong forms of the Chinese Health QiGong Association, Shaolin QiGong, various traditional QiGong systems and business QiGong are taught.

QiGong is recommended by German health insurance companies as a method for stress management and relaxation. All Myochu QiGong courses are certified with the “German Standard Prevention” seal of approval in accordance with Section 20 Paragraph 1 SGB V and are subsidized by health insurance companies.

Certified and officially recognized training

Myochu Sigrid Hummel has been training QiGong exercise and course instructors since 2015. The training meets the high quality standards of the health insurance companies and the training guidelines of the professional association for Taijiquan and QiGong (BVTQ) and is therefore officially recognized.

Company contact
Myochu QiGong
Sigrid Hummel
Oskar-Messter-Str. 33
85737 Ismaning

Press contact
Hummel Public Relations
Sigrid Hummel
Oskar-Messter-Str. 33
85737 Ismaning

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