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cancer and the importance of prevention

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The young influencer Valentina Ferragni was operated on to remove what initially looked like a pimple or a cyst. Today, unfortunately, it turned out to be a malignant skin tumor.

A week ago the little girl from the Ferragni family posted a photo on social media in which she showed a scar on her forehead to inform your followers that you have suffered a intervention. As told in the post caption, Valentina had been battling an apparently abnormally behaving pimple for a year. It happened, in fact, that in alternating phases this swelled and deflated and even bleed. The aim of the intervention was both to eliminate the mass and to discover its nature. Yesterday the results arrived that revealed a much bigger problem than we imagined: it is, in fact, a localized malignant tumor of the skin. Again the influencer decided to share the news with your followers, not only to inform them about the state of their health, but also to emphasize the importance of prevention.

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The tumor was initially trivialized

“Unfortunately it was not a cyst, but a basal cell carcinoma, a malignant tumor localized in a specific area, not the most dangerous for health, but for the skin”, these are the words of Valentina Ferragni under the post that portrays her on several occasions during this year. Close-up shots where you can see theevolve from what initially looked just like a pimple. Who, in fact, has never had a boil that seemed to refuse to disappear?
Sometimes it can happen that small cysts form that take some time to disappear. Unfortunately, however, there are situations in which, what apparently it would seem to be a simple one skin blemish reveals itself, conversely, the symptom of a trouble much more grave.

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Valentina’s decision to rely on experts

Even Valentina initially had neglected the problem considering it a trivial skin defect. For fear that the incision and removal would be too deep, thus leaving visible marks on his face, he had avoided turning to experts. Fortunately, common sense and concern for one’s health prevailed, leading the 28-year-old to contact a team of doctors they have removed the mass in order to analyze it.

After the operation, Valentina decided to share some photos of her own scar, accompanying them with a speech that, in addition to reassure everyone about the post-operative conditions, He wanted to sensitize readers to the topic of prevention, as he later reiterated in the post in which he revealed the identity of the tumor.

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Valentina Ferragni at the premiere of House of Gucci

A silent carcinoma

“The doctors told me it was the first time they saw this cancer on a person my age, 28, usually it comes to people in their 50s and 60s, so diagnosis is rare and very difficult.”

It is very common to underestimate the signals our body sends us, especially when you are young like Valentina. She explained that herself, according to what doctors reported, these types of tumors they mainly affect after the age of 50 and are very rare at his age. Fortunately, however, little Ferragni wanted to investigate, thus managing to identify the problem and, now, to keep it under control.


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The importance of prevention

“Probably 99% of you my problem will remain just MY problem, but maybe that 1% will decide to go to the doctor to show that strange pimple that, for some reason, never goes away. Instagram is not just travel, fashion, love, politics, beautiful things and food, it is also made up of REAL life, REAL problems and REAL people “, these are the words of Valentina under the photo posted on her intagram after the operation.

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Ferragni with great willpower, maturity and courage turned to experts and this is itan invitation that she extends to all those who follow her: entrusting oneself to those of competence from the first suspicion and from the small things that each of us tends to trivialize. His experience teaches us, indeed, that discovering a disease in time can be our salvation allowing us to have maximum and optimal healing expectations.

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