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Cancer, higher fracture risk for cancer patients – Medicine

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Cancer, higher fracture risk for cancer patients – Medicine

People with a history of oncological disease, especially if they have undergone chemotherapy, have a higher risk of bone fractures, especially in the pelvic area and vertebrae. They therefore need special attention, especially with advancing age. This is what emerges from a study by the American Cancer Society published in Jama Oncology.

The study analyzed data from a large American research project, the Cancer Prevention Study, taking into account over 92,000 participants. Compared to those without a history of cancer, cancer patients had a higher risk of fractures, the extent of which varied according to the stage of the disease. Those who received an early-stage disease diagnosis had a 15% higher risk; those with a disease that had spread to neighboring areas had a 51% higher risk; in the case of metastatic disease the risk was more than double. The risk was even higher (2.46 times) for pelvic and vertebrae fractures. A further 30% increase in risk was seen in those who underwent chemotherapy.

The researchers also observed a mild protective effect of physical activity, while smoking was an element that could further increase the chances of fractures.

“These findings are important as the number of cancer survivors living in the United States is projected to increase to 26.1 million by 2040,” study first signer Erika Rees-Punia said in a statement. “We hope our findings will influence clinical guidelines on fracture prevention, which could include physical activity or smoking cessation programs to improve quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.” (HANDLE).

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