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Cancer, if you take a little you are at risk: it is a fundamental mineral

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Cancer, if you take a little you are at risk: it is a fundamental mineral

There is a mineral that is extremely beneficial for health and that if taken in low doses can increase the risk of getting cancer. Let’s find out together what it is.

Mineral salts are extremely important for the health of the body, as they preside over a very wide range of processes that regulate it. In particular, they are present in many foods and a possible deficiency can cause serious health problems.

The risk of getting cancer in the presence of a lack of this mineral is high – Mammastyle.it

In this regard, it may be useful to know that in the case of low intake of a fundamental mineral, there is a greater risk of cancer. Let’s find out together everything there is to know.

Cancer, the risk if this mineral salt is missing

As already mentioned, i mineral salts they preside over numerous bodily processes for which they are fundamental, as they help to keep us healthy. That said, not everyone knows that there is one that is characterized by being especially important. Consequently, in the presence of a deficiency, the risk can also be very serious.

Selenium risks a possible deficiency
Selenium is essential for human health – Mammastyle.it

The mineral we are talking about is the selenium which, in the absence of the necessary quantity, exposes to a greater risk of cancer. Specifically, it may be useful to know that various studies have highlighted the fact that people who consume low quantities of selenium have a higher chance of getting sick with oncological diseases affecting prostate, lungs, but also the colon.

Not only that, several investigations conducted on the mineral in question have also revealed that it is able to improve and maintain healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. In this regard, it must be said that in patients with low levels of selenium, it has been possible to register a increased risk of contracting heart disease.

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In light of this, it is important to integrate the substance in question following, first of all, a healthy and balanced diet. In particular, the consumption of whole grains but also dairy products including yoghurt and milk. Other than that, experts recommend consuming it regularly too legumes, lean meats and dried fruit.


It is important to specify, in any case, that although it is an essential mineral for the health of the organism, it has contraindications that mainly concern excessive consumption of the same. In fact, where high levels of selenium are present, it is possible to experience a series of symptoms including breathing difficulties, heart attacks, renal and cardiac failure.

Clearly, these risks are reported only in the event that foods containing the substance are abused, while in all other cases it appears to be absolutely indicated and beneficial for the body.

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