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Cancer symptoms: two general signs to pay close attention to

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Cancer symptoms: two general signs to pay close attention to

Cancer is a degenerative disease, the initial symptoms of which may not be clear and may be confused with other diseases. For this reason, it is important to recognize the general symptoms of the disease, so that prompt treatment can be initiated

I cancer symptoms they can be vague and, as a result, are often misattributed to other less severe disorders. According to experts, there are two general symptoms to watch out for.

We are talking about a lump and a thickening area that can be felt under the skin.

Indeed, persistent lumpsswelling node in the neck, armpit, breast or testicle, as well as anywhere else on the body should be considered alarm bells.

For example, a swelling on the side of the neck, in the armpit or in the groin may signal a non-Hodgkin’s lymphomawhich is a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

Atri signs general include:

  • fatigue
  • unintentional weight loss
  • skin changes, such as yellowing, darkening or redness, sores that don’t heal, or changes in moles
  • changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • persistent cough or difficulty breathing
  • difficulty swallowing
  • hoarseness
  • persistent indigestion or discomfort after eating
  • persistent and unexplained muscle or joint pain
  • persistent and unexplained fever or night sweats
  • unexplained bleeding or bruising.

There is currently no preventive measure, but change your lifestyle it can protect you from the risk of developing the disease.

So, stop smoking, keep a normal weight, reduce the consumption of alcohol and high-calorie foodsprefer fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Fonti: MayoClinic/Cancxer Research UK

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