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Cancer, tests and diagnosis: it will be possible to discover it from the urine

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Cancer, tests and diagnosis: it will be possible to discover it from the urine
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It will soon be possible to diagnose cancer through urine. An incredible discovery that could change the lives of many people.

The cancer it is a terrible disease that unfortunately affects adults and children. Often, it is diagnosed when it is too late. In these hours the brilliant news has arrived which provides for an accurate analysis of the problem through the urine. It would be a discovery that could revolutionize the world of medicine. But let’s see together what is it about.

Due to the severe conditions of our new world, the diseases we can contract they are many and varied.

One of the most common and present among people is cancer. Unfortunately this tumor can adhere in almost all of our organs and tissues. It is a genetic disease, as it is caused by an increase in genetic abnormalities. The major causes that favor this condition can be tobacco, alcohol, obesity, but also the profession we carry out or radiation. In short, it seems to be an increasingly common disease that does not look anyone in the face. Exist various signals for those with cancer, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, blood in the urine and frequent vomiting.

In these hours a new way to diagnose this disease has been discovered: through the urine. But let’s see together what it is.

The test that would revolutionize the world of medicine

This new scientific technology, invented by Americans, would allow to diagnose both cancer and metastases. Thanks to this test it will be possible to decipher the type of tumor present in the individual’s body by simply using his urine. This new invention is based on nanoparticles coated with peptides. However, it is still being tested and is not yet accessible to humans.

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If one day it should be accepted by science, it will be possible to have a real one kit fai da te to find out if you are healthy or not.

Cancro (Freepik)

How this urine test works

As previously mentioned, the nanoparticles present inside it are covered by fragmented molecules. When the latter meet the cancer present in our body they release DNA sequences into the bloodstream which then, only later, come out through our urine. In this way, through a barcode, it will be possible to identify the type of problem and proceed to contact your trusted doctor. An intelligent invention that would allow prevention and timely diagnosis of the presence or absence of a tumor.

We just have to hope for a future in which we will be able to use urine find out more about our health.

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