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Cancer, the hi-tech patch that saves your life

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Cancer, the hi-tech patch that saves your life

Catching a tumor early is essential for one’s survival. Thanks to an innovative patch it will be possible to keep the growth of neoplasms under control.

In the last century, life has lengthened considerably, thanks to the general change in living conditions. Improvement of hygienic conditions, intake of more nutrients in the diet, discoveries of new treatments have allowed us to live longer and better.

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In fact, until the beginning of the 20th century, people died of trivial infections. All this happened because adequate care was lacking.

Cancer: the disease of the century

Therefore, in the last hundred years, the average life span has considerably lengthened. Today women can have a life expectancy of 82 years, while men of 79 years. All this has been possible thanks to the advent of vaccines and new therapies, which have made it possible to eradicate various infectious diseases.

However, if some diseases seem to have disappeared, others have increased. For example i tumors have become one of the most widespread pathologies. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to recover from this disease, especially if it is not taken in time. In fact, many tumors do not give symptoms and it is not easy to notice their presence. However, by the time the first signs show up, it may already be too late.

This means that it is necessary to carry out period checks to check our state of health.

The patch that controls the growth of tumors is coming

It is not always easy to talk about cancer, and it is not always easy to undergo checkups to avoid the worst. However, a new scientific discovery could make things easier and save the lives of many people.

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It is about an innovative hi-tech patch that monitors the growth of treated tumors. Therefore, thanks to this innovation it is possible to learn whether the applied therapeutic protocol is bearing fruit or not.

How the hi-tech patch works

So let’s move on to the more practical part: how does this patch work?

It is about a small flexible device equipped with a sensor connected to an electronic backpack. Just stick it to the skin like a regular patch to control tumor growth or regression.

The advantage of this device is that it allows you to constantly monitor the tumor, since it remains in contact with it. It is also completely autonomous and non-invasive, and able to evaluate any change, even minimal.

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Another advantageous factor should not be forgotten: low costs. The innovative patch, in fact, barely costs 61 euros for each monitoring.

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