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Capcom launches “Evil Castle” 25th Anniversary full set, 9 prequels are included at once | 4Gamers

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Capcom today (13) released the “Evil Castle” series 25th Anniversary Super Collection, which is expected to be released on PS4 on November 25. There are a total of 9 games in the original series for you to release in three sets. If you want to have it all at once (Hey ).

There is nothing better than having all the games at one go at the anniversary. What you didn’t expect, Capcom did it for you!

This year is a good day for the 25th anniversary of the “Castle of Evil” series. Capcom specially released the first generation, prequel and even the next 2345678 of “Castle of Evil”. A single set is priced at 5,990 yen (tax included), and a manual all-inclusive package is 17,970 yen (about 4,530 New Taiwan dollars).

PS4 “Evil Castle” 25th Collection 1 “Sunset of Umbrella”

“Evil Castle Origin Collection Best Price” (includes “Evil Castle HD Remsaster”, “Evil Castle 0 HD Remaster”)

“Evil Castle 2 Remake Z Version Best Price”

“Evil Castle 3 Remake Z Version Best Price”

✽”Z Version” refers to the limited version over 18 years old.


PS4 “Evil Castle” 25th Compilation 2 “The Threat of Bioterrorism”

“Evil Castle 4”

“Evil Castle 5”

“Evil Spirit Castle 6”


PS4 “Evil Castle” 25th Collection 3 “Ethan’s Story”

“Evil Castle 7: Resident Evil Gold Edition Best Price”

“Evil Castle 8: Village Z Version”

Included bonus: Online battle content “Evil Castle RE: Confrontation” product code (with the main game program), “Evil Castle” series postcard set (13 styles)

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Capcom also simultaneously issued special codes for local channels in Japan, such as Amazon, Joshin, Rakuten Books and other digital wallpaper download codes; players who are interested in collecting please pay attention.

Lotte Books.



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