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Car on the crowd in Tel Aviv: killed an Italian tourist, Alessandro Parini

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An Italian tourist in his 30s, Alessandro Parini, was killed on the Tel Aviv seafront in an attack carried out by an Israeli Arab with his car thrown into the crowd. There are also two wounded Italians, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told Tg1. “We are verifying their names, they would not be seriously injured”, specified the minister.

The bomber, who attempted to shoot into the crowd once he got out of the car, was then killed by the reaction of the security guards. The episode immediately rekindled the already high tension in recent days and Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu called other reservists after those in the air force.

The Farnesina expressed “horror and dismay at the cowardly attack”. Giorgia Meloni “expresses deep condolences for the death of one of our compatriots, Alessandro Parini, in the terrorist attack that took place in Tel Aviv”, reports a note from Palazzo Chigi. “President Meloni – reads the statement – expresses closeness to the victim’s family, to the wounded, and solidarity with the State of Israel for the cowardly attack that hit him”. Meloni and the government are in contact with the Israeli authorities to follow up on updates and the possible involvement of other Italian citizens in the attack.

“It is with a broken heart that we share the message of Minister Tajani, who confirmed that the person killed in the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv is an Italian citizen, Alessandro Parini. We offer our sincere condolences to the victim’s family”. The Israeli ambassador to Italy, Alon Bar, wrote it on Twitter, posting in turn Tajani’s tweet announcing Parini’s death.

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The area where the attack took place is very popular with tourists, who flocked in large numbers during the Easter holidays. On the spot, overturned, the car used for the attack. Hamas and Islamic Jihad did not fail to express their satisfaction with the attack described as “a high-level operation”.

West Bank, Israeli tanks fire tear gas at Palestinians

After striking in Gaza and Lebanon, the recall of reservists and the strengthening of troops in the territories is a clear message to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. The tension, already skyrocketing, was aggravated by the other Palestinian attack in the West Bank, with the killing of two young sisters (21 and 16 years old) and the serious wounding of their mother (48 years old). Even in Jerusalem, on the Esplanade of the Mosques, the situation seems to hang by a thread, even if for the moment there are no serious incidents, with the police continuing to patrol the place in force.

After the rain of rockets fired from Gaza (one of the 44 fell on a house without causing casualties) and from Palestinian factions linked to Hamas from the south of the Land of the Cedars, Israel responded overnight by hitting three sites in Lebanon and over ten in Strip, including two tunnels and various Armed Faction emplacements. However, he has chosen to lift the restrictions on the Israeli communities around Gaza, thus favoring the return to a normal life and not in shelters. Instead, the Lebanese army announced that it had dismantled a launch pad in an agricultural field in the south. Israel’s response seems to stop there for the moment and – according to analysts – appears limited, taking into account the strong international pressure to put out the fire, starting from Moscow, and the Arab world‘s opposition to Israel.

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A judgment not shared by the radical part of Netanyahu’s right-wing government which – especially after the attack – said it was not satisfied. Both Bezalel Smotrich – finance minister and religious Zionist leader – and the hawkish Itamar Ben Gvir objected to the contours of the military action and the latter accused the previous government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid of undermining Israel’s reactivity . A reproach that did not go down well with former Defense Minister Benny Gantz: he responded in kind to Ben Gvir accusing him of being completely off track.

The Palestinian bombing was carried out on Road 57 in the northern Jordan Valley in the West Bank, near the Hamra interchange. The two victims (according to some reports, also of British nationality) were traveling together with their mother – all from the Jewish settlement of Efrat, near Bethlehem – in the same car which was riddled with gunfire from another vehicle, ending up off road. At first it was thought to be a car accident but everything changed when the emergency services and the police found bullet holes in the vehicle. The father and husband of the victims who witnessed the scene were traveling in another car. The Palestinian bomber fled and is now wanted by the security forces.

“Our forces are now engaged in the hunt for terrorists. It’s just a matter of time, not long, and we’ll settle the bill,” Netanyahu said while visiting the site of the attack for the first time publicly with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, whose dismissal has been frozen. Then, referring to external enemies, the prime minister warned: “They will find that we are united, united, sure that we are right”.

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