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Cardio resonance imaging with AI activated at Lamezia Hospital – Medicine

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Cardio resonance imaging with AI activated at Lamezia Hospital – Medicine

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging has been reactivated in the radiology service of the Giovanni Paolo II Hospital in Lamezia Terme, now equipped with new software that uses artificial intelligence (AI or the English acronym AI). This is a third level instrumental diagnostic test which, also thanks to artificial intelligence, allows a notable increase in the quality of the images and consequently in the diagnostic potential in a shorter time, guaranteeing greater diagnostic accuracy.

The implementation of the software, it is written in a note, allows the Lamezia hospital to be equated with other structures at a national level.

The exam requires a multidisciplinary approach and is carried out in collaboration with the Cardiology department, since the method is performed by a special team made up of radiologists and cardiologists.

The ‘Cardio Magnetic Resonance AI’, it is written in the note, “allows us to study the heart and the valvular systems in depth, and give a precise answer on the functionality and presence of alterations in the structure of the cardiac muscle or the pericardium. This technique imaging technology is currently the only one that can provide precise information on tissue typing”.

AI today also finds application in the reporting of other diagnostic tests, with a “trained” learning algorithm which, thanks to the comparison between images and the evaluation of the parameters of hundreds of thousands of tests, is able to read the diagnostic images and identify and highlight any anomalies.

The Company, concludes the note, will implement synergies with other cardiological facilities interested in making use of the method to guarantee patients’ access to the service within a codified diagnostic therapeutic path.

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