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Care of artificial teeth and dentures

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Care of artificial teeth and dentures

Dentures, like your own teeth, need to be cleaned carefully. Bacteria and germs do not distinguish whether it is a real tooth or a denture. Although the bacteria cannot harm the artificial materials themselves, they can spread from there to real teeth. Fixed dentures such as bridges or crowns therefore need just as many brushing sessions as the other teeth. The toothbrush should be used at least twice a day. However, the toothpaste should not contain too many abrasive substances, such as those found in whitening pastes. Metal or ceramic surfaces are easily scratched.

Particular attention should be paid to the transition between artificial and natural tooth substance – dental floss and interdental brushes are the tools of choice here. Thorough oral hygiene also ensures that the remaining tooth structure is kept healthy and further costly dentures are avoided.

Older people often have limited dexterity in daily dental care. In addition to the two annual check-ups, this makes more frequent appointments necessary, for example for professional teeth cleaning. In addition, tissue changes or age-related bone loss can lead to changes in the jaw area.

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