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Carmen Russo / Between fettuccine, gym, the shock discovery of Alex Belli in intimacy …

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Carmen Russo he gives the impression that he is really relaxing inside the house, he is always available to everyone, never a high tone of voice, always attentive to the needs of others. Every now and then we see her sad because she thinks of Maria, she worries about Enzo Paolo, but then her smile immediately returns. The days are quiet enough for her, at this moment she is not creating game dynamics, she is not named, she has fun in the kitchen preparing fettuccine for everyone, always with a smile in her mouth.

Carmen Russo has become the councilor of the House, who has a problem or a knot to unravel turns to “Carmencita”. We always see her on the move, she doesn’t miss a fitness class, she cares a lot about her shape and the results are evident, she sports a body that would be the envy of a twenty-year-old. However, there is no lack of moments of “discomfort”, as when he discovered Alex Belli doing self-eroticism, nothing bad is clear, but the bewilderment on her part was so much that she immediately ran to tell the other women of the house, arousing the hilarity of the followers.


in the meantime Enzo Paolo Turchi, gave an interview where he said he was forced to close the dance academy in Palermo due to the covid: the business was idle for a long time and could no longer pay the costs, and to avoid bankruptcy he closed the school reluctantly, mainly because he was churning out real dance talents.

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Fans of the couple of dancers, Enzo Paolo and Carmen Russo, want again see them together and with a loud voice they ask the GF to let them meet in the most spied house in Italy. They represent love at 360 degrees, and it is a pleasure for everyone to see them in love like the first day, but there are those who ironize their relationship by calling it “unnatural”, given what is happening in the House between push and pull: they are authentic and true, and it would be very interesting to see Enzo Paolo inside the house embracing his Carmen Russo for a day. Who knows if Big Brother Vip will please the many fans of the liveliest couple there is …

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