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Carolina Marconi, the fight against cancer | The former gieffina thus fights the disease

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Carolina Marconi is a strong and combative woman who did not allow herself to be overwhelmed by fear. The former gieffina has decided to look the disease in the face and to unleash her best weapon: the smile. Marconi is facing her path of care with a strength and a dignity that honor her and has soon become a point of reference to inspire for those like her who are fighting.

Carolina Marconi, fights like this

Carolina Marconi has decided to publicly tell about his disease, a few months ago. The former gieffina informed the fans with a long post, published on his Instagram profile, discussing a very delicate topic.

Her courage, sensitivity and inner strength have gathered an avalanche of acclaim, the users who are showing affection and esteem are thousands and thousands. The beautiful Carolina Marconi has always been highly appreciated by Italians, since its debut on the Italian small screen, and now that it is fighting against breast cancer, the closeness of his fans is even stronger.

The news of his illness left everyone speechless, an event that surprised everyone. The grit unlined by the Marconi it’s amazing, i fan who are seeing her go all out to defeat the tumor, admire her and support her step by step.

Gorgeous in costume

Carolina, when he found out he had the tumor she experienced moments of bewilderment, but she did not allow herself to be overwhelmed by negative emotions. Her great intelligence and determination pushed her to fight with all her might, even when she learned that her hair would be fallen.

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“I’ve always worn them long, I’ve always loved my straight black hair and I never imagined one day having to cut it so short …”soon I will be completely with nothing like a coconut– wrote Carolina.

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“All this will pass, the hair will grow, the important thing is health”– wrote in a passage of his long post published on Instagram. Precisely for this very important message, the beautiful one Carolina she put aside the negative thoughts and enjoyed a few days of relaxation, without thinking about anything! Here she is splendid in costume!

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