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Carrara, after reporting the case of Dengue at the start of disinfestation treatment

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Carrara, after reporting the case of Dengue at the start of disinfestation treatment

CARRARA – Following the report of a case of Dengue in a person who, upon returning from a trip to the tropical area, stayed in the area adjacent to via Candia Bassa, on the border with the Municipality of Massa, to protect public health and as an extreme precaution , the Mayor of Carrara Serena Arrighi has issued an Ordinance to be able to carry out the necessary interventions to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in the affected area. Dengue fever is a typical disease of tropical areas transmitted by the tiger mosquito, with an annoying symptomatic development.

The intervention, which involves the disinfestation of the affected area with insecticides, will take place from 10.30 pm on Friday 30 September to 2.00 am on Saturday 1 October and will be repeated from 10.30 pm on Monday 3 October to 2.00 am on Tuesday 4 October.

The collaboration of the residents of the area is necessary to make the external appliances (gardens, vegetable gardens, courtyards, squares, gardens, terraces, etc.) accessible to the personnel in charge, with an identification document, in order to carry out the scheduled operations.
In particular, it is recommended to leave the access gates to private properties open; not to stay near the operators who carry out the disinfestation treatment; to keep the doors and windows closed, to keep the air exchange systems off, not to expose the clothes to the outside; to remove the owned animals present in the intervention areas (turtles, fish tanks, dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and protect their shelters and furnishings (eg water bowls); to remove / protect children’s games; to warn the staff in case of areas used as vegetable gardens, and indicate the presence of tanks with fish and / or turtles.

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Considering that insecticides could affect fruit and vegetables, it is recommended to collect vegetables and fruit from the gardens or protect the plants with plastic sheets before treatment. After the treatment it is recommended to respect an interval of 15 days before consuming fruit and vegetables that have possibly been sprayed with insecticidal products, wash them thoroughly and peel the fruit before use.

For further information, please contact the following telephone numbers: 0585-641575 (Environmental Services / Marble Sector) or 0585-70000 (Municipal Police Command).

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