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Casa della Salute ready by mid-year: doctors and pediatricians gathered in a single location

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The construction site of the Casa della Salute in Certaldo taken from above

The announcement of the mayor of Certaldo during the city council: 2.7 million euros for 14 clinics and a first aid point

CERTALDO. It will be completed within the first 6 months of 2022 and will give Certaldo and the whole Valdelsa health and social aid that will have the characteristics of a revolution.

The new Casa della Salute in Certaldo, which is being built in Piazza dei Macelli, will see the transfer of all the doctors and the two pediatricians in a single location. While the possibility of having a doctor and a nurse available 24 hours a day is being evaluated. These are some of the main innovations that have emerged from the mayor of Certaldo, Giacomo Cucini, during the last city council. «The Casa della Salute is our main goal in 2022 for supporting the family, from a health and social point of view. The new hub will be a hub, classified as an advanced model, where there will be a large number of specialists, available on a prolonged basis, as well as daily health care. We have found great availability in all the general practitioners that we will bring together in a single pole. We will bring together all the services that are currently located in the area, such as those temporarily located inside the headquarters of the Red Cross and the same doctors positioned in Piazza della Libertà.

If there are no unforeseen events, this revolution will be completed by the first part of 2022. The new building will have a total volume of 2. 085, 63 cubic meters, a covered area of ​​415, 06 square meters and a usable covered floor area of ​​614. square meters. There will be 23 rooms: 14 clinics including sampling and analysis, specialist clinics, nurses, rehabilitation gym, administrative offices, waiting rooms. The first aid point, currently located in a different building to the left of the former slaughterhouses, will also find space inside the new Casa della Salute.

In 2013, the first program agreement was signed for the construction of the Casa della Salute in Piazza dei Macelli. Agreement that is revised in 2016 when the current path actually kicks off: the Municipality of Certaldo that would have taken charge of carrying out the project, the AslToscana Centro to carry out the works, with a division of expenses in equal parts between two subjects and the co-ownership of the new property.

In 2018 the definitive and executive project: the total investment of 2 million and 700 thousand euros saw the ASL Toscana Centro participate for a 1.6 million euros (partly from regional funding and partly from a mortgage) and the municipality of Certaldo for € 1. 133. 000 (thanks to a mortgage). It then took a year and a half to complete the tender in which 207 companies participated. The works – starting at an auction starting at 1,800,000 euros – were awarded to Edil. Pic. To. of Rome which made a decrease of 30%. Now the construction site is gradually drawing to a close in an area where a large parking lot was built in the past to serve the future health home.

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