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Cases of pancreatic cancer are growing rapidly among girls

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Cases of pancreatic cancer are growing rapidly among girls

They are increasing alarmingly cases of pancreatic cancer among young women. The alarm comes from the United Kingdom, but it UK Cancer Research claims that the numbers concern the United States and all European countries, including Italy.

Cases of pancreatic cancer are rising sharply among young women, but it remains a rare cancer in that age group

Over the last thirty years the growth percentage of diagnoses in women under 25 years of age reaches 200 percent. Attention, however, the number of cases is small. The dramatic increase is worrying, but the number of diagnoses remains low.

The problem is that experts cannot explain the reasons for this exponential growthwhich does not happen at least in these terms in male peers.

Definitely the change in lifestyles has something to do with it. Oncologists have no doubts about this. Now we need new studies that focus on the young people who have developed this tumor to try to understand its causes.

Cases of pancreatic cancer: the situation in Italy

Il pancreatic cancer it is among the most dangerous of all. In 2022 only in Italy the experts they counted 14,500. According to the Italian Cancer Research Association it is the tumor with the lowest survival both one year after diagnosis (34 percent in men and 37.4 percent in women) and five years (11 percent in men and 12 percent in women).

It generally strikes between the ages of 50 and 80. Cases among young people remain rare, although as we have seen, there is a sharp increase among girls.

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What are the main risk factors?

Il cigarette smoke It is among the most serious risk factors. Suffice it to say that the risk of developing this cancer doubles compared to those who have never smoked. Other risk factors include:

heredity, if we have had a close relative who has had pancreatic cancer, our risk rises; obesity;
Lynch syndrome;
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome,
sedentary lifestyle. There are some studies that claim that even theabuse of alcoholic beverages may influence the development of this tumor. Exposure to some solvents for industrial and agricultural use or derivatives from petroleum processing also increases the probability, diet rich in saturated fats and proteins of animal origin.

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