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cases on the rise throughout Italy

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cases on the rise throughout Italy

The cases of monkeypox in Italy: in fact, those confirmed rose to 662, with an increase of 18 cases compared to the last survey of 12 August last. This is highlighted by the latest bulletin of the Ministry of Health. There are 185 cases linked to travel abroad. The average age of infected people is 37 years: it is 652 men and 10 women.
On July 13, the World Health Organization declared the global health emergency making a series of recommendations: the most frequent signs of infection are swollen lymph nodes and rashes or skin lesions. The rash in particular usually begins within three days of the onset of fever, and the lesions may be flat or slightly raised, filled with clear or yellowish fluid, may crust, dry out, and fall off. Anogenital lesions predominate, followed by the trunk, arms and legs, face and palms of the hands and feet. The rash can also be found on the mouth, perigenital area and eyes.

I symptoms – which go away on their own without treatment – typically last 2 to 4 weeks and usually include fever, drowsiness, headache, muscle aches. The virus is transmitted through close contact with a symptomatic case. The rash, body fluids (such as fluid, pus, or blood from skin lesions), and scabs are particularly infectious. Mouth ulcers, lesions or sores can be infectious and the virus it can spread through saliva or through droplets (respiratory droplets) in case of prolonged face-to-face contact (health care workers, family members and other close contacts of confirmed cases at greater risk). Virus-contaminated clothing, bedding, towels, or dishes from an infected person can also infect other people.

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The social stigma

In order to protect themselves and others, the Ministry of Health in the Circular of 2 August 2022 provides that confirmed and suspected cases of MPX are put in car insulation. Anyone with symptoms related to monkeypox should contact their doctor immediately. Specific antivirals can be considered in the judgment of the treating physician, in selected cases. There is evidence that being immunocompromised can increase the risk of becoming infected if exposed to the monkeypox virus and of contracting a severe form of the disease or dying.

The smallpox vaccine

Following the arrival of the first tranche of donation of the Jynneos smallpox vaccine, by the European Commission, the Government divided the vaccine doses currently available among the Regions with the highest number of reported cases (Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto). A subsequent tranche is currently scheduled for the second half of August.

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