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Cassiopeia, Italian amateur astronomers discover 7 new variable stars

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A scientific discovery saw as protagonist a group of Italian amateur astronomers, who concluded a long study on a small portion of the sky in the constellation Cassiopeia on January 26, whose 5 main stars are located from 613 to 54 light years from us. The “Gunvag” research team, made up of the Palidoro Amateur Astronomers Group (Fiumicino municipality), Galileo Galilei Astronomical Group, Green Ribbon Astronomical Observatory and UAI Remote Telescope (Italian Amateur Astronomers Union), has identified 7 new variable stars.

“Of the new scenarios discovered – says Giuseppe Conzo, President of the Palidoro Astrofili Group – there are two pulsating stars whose brightness varies due to contraction and expansion of its surface, four eclipsing binary systems, that is pairs of stars that eclipse each other thus producing a variation in brightness and an ellipsoidal binary system, whose brightness varies due to the geometry of the components themselves without showing an eclipse “.

The findings were all internationally recognized in the American Association of Variable Star Observers (Aavso) Vsx variable star database. These scenarios have been identified and characterized thanks to the joint work of Giuseppe Conzo, Paolo Giangreco Marotta, Mara Moriconi, Gabriele Spaziani, Paolo Zampolini, Giorgio Mazzacurati, Nello Ruocco and Giorgio Bianciardi who in the coming months will study further characteristics of what has been observed with telescopes bringing to light insights into the nature of the objects present along the plane of our galaxy.


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