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Catanzaro, medicine is winning ‘: Calabro’ doctor ‘in view of Albinoleffe

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“Victory is the only medicine I know to make things go well again.” He almost plays the role of doctor Antonio Calabro, sitting at the bedside of his Catanzaro stunned by criticism and lack of results. There is only one cure, it seems to say on the eve of the match against Albinoleffe, the most obvious. And little changes the competition – the Italian Cup or the championship – taking a dose can only make you feel better.

“Tomorrow’s match will be used by those who have played less to put minutes in their legs – the announcement – We have always considered the cup matches to be important and so it will be tomorrow too, otherwise the match against Catania and Palermo will be useless”.

They will return to the “Città di Gorgonzola” stadium where in May the first black page of the freshest playoff elimination was written and they will again face Albinoleffe, “a team – according to Calabro – that has been running a continuity project for years with some important players too »:« I work with my head down, concentration and the desire to achieve results are the resources to get out of the situation in which we find ourselves – he added – and it is obvious that the team must want the same things as me ».

In short, a (not so much) veiled call to the sick person’s responsibility to heal. Reinforced by an appeal to the square. “Since I have been in Catanzaro, every time there is a difficult period I have been questioned by the fans: I hope to make them think again as they did last year, with the results”. After the cup match, Catanzaro – hopefully regenerated – will remain outside the region waiting for the weekend match against Monterosi.

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