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Catherine Spaak, how she died and illness/ Three icuts, “a long ordeal”

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Catherine Spaak: death in 2022 after a long illness

Catherine Spaak passed away a year ago on April 17, 2022. The actress died in a Roman clinic, after the third stroke, which had struck her a few months before her: “On July 25th he had his third stroke and unfortunately since then there has been a very long ordeal. However, I can say that she left quietly, I was close to her until the last moment. I want to remember her smiling. She was a great star who will shine forever”his sister Agnés had said, as reported by Repubblica.

In 2020, a few days after the lockdown, she had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage: “I have come to say that if we are sick we shouldn’t be ashamed. I’m still here with a smile, with the ability to reason and speak, but also to rebel. I have not lost my grit and courage”he had told Italian stories. The haemorrhage was followed by a seizure epilepsy due to the scar: “I didn’t walk and I didn’t see. I don’t remember anything about this crisis and I find it beautiful. We take care of ourselves, heal ourselves and return to the same life as before”.

Catherine Spaak: “Illness is not a shame,

Catherine Spak she fought against the disease and recovered: “I went from the bed to the wheelchair, then to the walker and finally to my little legs, with my red heel “he had told in Serena Bortone’s living room on Rai 1. The actress has always spoken openly about her illness, without any kind of shame: “Doctors and nurses were angels, they made me reborn, smile back to life and to the world. We must not be ashamed of the disease, the disease is not a shame, it is an event, it can happen to anyone. It shouldn’t be hidden. It is a test to be faced with courage but also serenity”, he had told Rai Radio 2, in the program The Lunatics. Catherine Spaak passed away, aged 77, on April 17, 2022. The funeral was held privately.

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