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Cdp launches a startup accelerator for health, 6 million in endowment

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Cdp launches a startup accelerator for health, 6 million in endowment

It’s called Vita, it’s an accelerator for startups they develop new health solutions or services, based on technological and digital applications and was launched today by Cdp Venture Capital Sgr, with a budget for investments in the acceleration phase and for subsequent growth steps of 6.35 million euros (of which 4.55 million allocated by the Accelerators Fund of Cdp Venture Capital Sgr together with the partners of the Healthware Group and Accelerace initiative). The Life program is part of the Cdp National Accelerators Network, a network present in the area to help the growth of young companies specialized in high-potential markets.

The call for startups

Up to 10 startups in the seed and pre-seed phase will be selected every year for three years, which will be able to access a development path structured by the accelerator’s partners, to be guided towards the certification of their business model. The startups that will be chosen will also have access to a network of national and international stakeholders, as well as the opportunity to participate in sector events, including the Frontiers Health global conference. Startups interested in the acceleration program can apply until June 12 on the website www.Vitaaccelerator.it. The call is open to Italian and international startups wishing to open a registered office in Italy.

The initiative

Cdp Venture Capital lancia Next Age

04 April 2022

Telemedicine, rare diseases and respiratory diseases

Vita aims to support the development of startups active in the digital health sector and able to offer innovative solutions for the digital transformation of health and the health system, including: digital therapies, telemedicine and digital health platforms, diagnostics and remote monitoring, mental health solutions and support in therapy management, innovative drug distribution systems.

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A particular focus will be placed on innovative solutions for respiratory diseases, ophthalmology, women’s health, rare diseases, chronic pain diseases and more. “The pandemic – explained Francesca Bria, President of Cdp Venture Capital Sgr – has accelerated exponentially a process of digitalization of healthcare that was already underway, and today it becomes essential to invest in the growth of startups able to offer a new approach that puts the patient at the center, and ensures the safety and ethical management of health data that can be used to facilitate collaboration on demand and in real time between doctors and patients, from hospital to home. “


Second half for the program of the national network of Cdp accelerators

April 20, 2022

The network

The initiative was carried out together with Healthware Group, a company in the portfolio of the Fitec Fund managed by Fondo Italiano d’Inoltre Sgr, active in the development of technologies in the health sector and committed to financing digital health startups: the company will operationally manage the initiative. The project also includes the Danish accelerator Accelerace, specialized in seed investments (with a track record of over 650 international startups and scale-ups). The program also benefits from the support of Zcube – Zambon Research Venture, of Petrone Group, and SIFI, an international company active in the ophthalmology sector.


The Vita accelerator is based at Palazzo Innovazione, the Italian headquarters of Healthware Group and a new coworking model in the historic center of Salerno, while specific mentoring and networking activities will be hosted by OpenZone, the scientific campus dedicated to health on the outskirts of Milan (a Bresso) conceived by Zambon.

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Cariplo Foundation and Cdp Foundation, 1.35 million tender for research talents

by Alessio Nisi

April 28, 2022

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