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Cecina, the mayor found with cocaine steps aside: “Temporary impediment”

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Cecina, the mayor found with cocaine steps aside: “Temporary impediment”

Cecina (Livorno), 20 July 2023 – Samuel Lippiil Mayor of Cecina caught in the car with a dose of cocaine, does not resign but steps aside. As communicated by the general secretary of the Municipality to the prefect of Livorno Paolo D’Attilio, the 51-year-old mayor of Cecina (PD), sent his declaration of temporary impediment. And he will therefore be the deputy mayor of the municipality Antonio Giuseppe Constantine to assume its functions.

“The declaration of temporary impediment sent by the Municipality of Cecina on behalf of the mayor Lippi to the prefect this morning is a fundamental act of responsibility which goes in continuity with what was requested by the Democratic Party in last night’s meeting to safeguard Samuele’s health and the continuity of the administrative action of the municipal council “, reads a note from the municipal union of the Democratic Party of Cecina.

The Democratic Party, adds the press release, “will give maximum support to the administration’s action in this last year of office, certain that even in the absence of the mayor, the council will be able to achieve the fundamental objectives that we have before us and that the citizens are waiting for”.

In the meantime, as already communicated by the mayor himself after being discovered on Monday by the carabinieri with a small amount of drugs in his car in the Riparbella area during a check, Lippi will face a course of care.

“I am tripped – declared the mayor – but I want to get up and with courage I decided to embark on a path that allows me to take care of myself. I want and must do it not only for myself, but first of all for my family members, for those who share the city’s government commitment, for the political forces that support it, out of respect for the entire city council and last but not least, for all the citizens of Cecina”.

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The mayor has already left Cecina. The hypothesis is that of one of his long absence to follow suit therapy.

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