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Celebrating Success: Stories from the Top Scorers of the MIR 2024 Exam

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Celebrating Success: Stories from the Top Scorers of the MIR 2024 Exam

The provisional order numbers for the MIR 2024 exam have been issued by Spain’s Ministry of Health, and the excitement and celebration has settled into tranquility for the applicants. The top ten test order numbers have been announced, and for these individuals, it is a “gift” achieved after a lot of effort and something they will never forget. The average of the top 10 percent of the best scores in the MIR exercise stands at 461.3 points, a marked improvement from the previous year.

Medical Writing gathered this year’s top ten MIR exam scorers for a podcast to discuss their concerns about choosing a specialty, the process of preparing for the exam, and their feelings upon seeing their grades reflected in the ministry’s provisional lists. The cut-off mark for this year’s exam was 115, two points higher than in 2023, and the scoring average was 0.19510080208.

The top performers from the MIR 2024 exam have various specialties in mind for their future careers. Noelia García, the top scorer, expressed uncertainty between Dermatology and Endocrinology and Nutrition. Alfonso Gotor, the second-highest scorer, is considering Hematology, Rheumatology, Internal, or Dermatology in Madrid. The candidates closing the top ten list, María Álvarez, Rebeca Aldaz, and others, also have multiple specialties on their minds.

Nàtalia Espasandín aims to study Pediatrics in the Vall d’Hebron, with the goal of later specializing in Clinical Genetics. Alicia Albadalejo plans to pursue Ophthalmology in Barcelona, while Gabriel Portero is undecided on a hospital in Valencia.

Asier Viciana, the ninth-ranking student, has decided to pursue Dermatology after a negative experience during his first MIR exam landed him in a Cardiology residency with heavy workloads and poor working conditions. Diego Garcia is repeating the MIR exam for the second time and aims to study Dermatology at the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria Hospital in Tenerife.

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