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Centaurus emergency, “most contagious and worst variant of Omicron”: the warning of the WHO

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Centaurus emergency, “most contagious and worst variant of Omicron”: the warning of the WHO

The summer wave caused by Omicron 5 seems to be behind us now, but the fight against Covid is not over. Now to worry the experts ofWorld Health Organization and the new Centaurus variant, actually a sub-variant of Omicron itself. Discovered in India, BA.2.75 worries experts because it is believed more contagious and badder of the other sub-variants of Omicron.

Recall that the contagiousness of Covid with the appearance of the Omicron variant it has significantly increased, so much so as to reach the record of infections all over the world. It must be said, however, that Omicron is less lethal and both rate hospitalization than that of mortality it dropped sharply with his arrival, in Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

According to what emerged from some preliminary studies, therefore, Centaurus would be more contagious and meaner than Omicron 2 and 5. It must be said that, however, at the moment the data from India are not so worrying and that, at the same time, the Centaurus variant has not yet spread that much in European countries, including Italy. But the fear of one new autumn wavelinked to this sub-variant, for many experts it is concrete.

The WHO alarm on Centaurus

La variant Centaurus it would therefore be more contagious. According to the WHO, laboratory studies indicate that the sub-variant has a “growth advantage” over Omicron 2 and 5. In addition, there was an indication of greater “fusogenicity, more efficient replication in lung cells and a increased pathogenicity in a hamster animal model ”.

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In the weekly epidemiological update, the World Health Organization does not hide its concern, but also states that they are necessary further studies to confirm the results foreplay.

The Centaurus subvariant

Centaurus, a sub-variant of Omicron, has been reported since May 2022 and is still under close monitoring. It has nine additional mutations in the spike protein compared to the original BA.2 variant. Until 15 August his presence was registered in 16 countrieswith nearly 3,000 sequences reported.

Most come anyway from India. The global prevalence of BA.2.75 was actually highest from 3 to 9 July, and then decreased in the following weeks. According to the WHO, however, it is not certain that the decline is real, as it may even be just a delay in sequencing. Globally the dominant variant is still Omicron 5which represents 74% of world cases.

The Centaurus subvariant it was first detected in India, where it now accounts for around two-thirds of total cases in the country. For now, however, neither hospitalization rates nor Covid-related mortality have increased.

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